Streetwear Lookbook

Hey all! It’s Paige and I’m very excited to get started with our very first Streetwear Lookbook! Streetwear has been a huge part of the fashion industry since the ’90s and has come back in a major way for gen Z. Originating in New York City hip hop culture in the early ’80s, streetwear often takes inspiration from punk styles and athletic wear as well as haute couture. Today, the looks usually revolve around casual or comfortable clothing from exclusive brands. Luckily, here at TSR, we have a huge selection of street styles for your Sims to rock.

Poppin’ Fresh

One of my favorite parts of this look are the cargo pants–they’re both comfortable and practical while also being super cute. Paired with sneakers, a tank, and a mesh top, this look is simple but stays elevated through monochromatic shades and color coordination. I also love the slicked back ponytail–it’s once again practical while being stylish, which is what streetwear is all about.

Sim Hair Top Pants
Earrings Glasses Shoes Nails

Art in Motion

This outfit is very classic streetwear–comfy clothes with an elevated appearance. While this white tee shirt would be basic on its own, the fanny pack it comes with helps make it look effortlessly cool. Simple black joggers match the fanny pack without overwhelming the outfit. The vintage Air Jordans from the Retro ReBoot collection complete the look.

Sim Top             Hair Pants Shoes

Up in Flames

I absolutely love this look. The shrug over the tank top has a really 90’s feel while the cargo skirt with the flames is super cool (Real talk–I have a cargo skirt IRL and it is EXCELLENT). The sneakers are hidden from this picture but they’re based on the real life Ozweego sneakers, adding some label-based flair to the outfit.

Sim Hair Top Skirt
Shoes Nails Necklace Earrings

Back to Basics

The final outfit of this lookbook is a monochromatic look with a few pops of color. The black of the top and pants is contrasted by the bright white shoes with red laces. The Japanese-inspired design on the shirt links back to the core of streetwear, which takes inspiration from the styles of Japan. The lace-up sneakers are another aspect of the modern take on streetwear.

Sim Hair Top Pants Shoes

Thanks for reading our streetwear lookbook! If you want to check out more TSR fashion, check out our most recent lookbook or try out a VIP membership for faster downloads, a download basket, and more!

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