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The Wonderful World of Hair Accessories

Don’t let your Sims be basic, add some Hair Accessories to brighten their look! Here at The Sims Resource, there are loads of unique and fun accessories that you can download to complete all of your Sims’ looks. What type of accessories do we have here at TSR?  Well if we are just looking at hair accessories; barrettes, headbands, hair ties, bows, beads, hairpins, flowers, and more!

Barrettes & Hair Clips

A quick and easy way to dress up any look is to add some snazzy hair accessories like a rhinestone barrette.   The artists at TSR have a plethora of barrettes and hair clips for your Sims. These types of hair accessories tend to be decorated with gems, stones, and bright colors.  If you are looking for some dressy hair clips I would start with S-Club, as they have some beautiful pieces that are perfect for formal occasions.


Headbands are one of my favorite IRL accessories, so naturally, I want to add them to my Sims.  I love a wide variety of colors and options so my collection of downloaded CC is pretty intense.  There are so many types of headbands here at TSR you can really customize your Sims’ looks.

The great thing about a lot of these headbands is that the artists design them in a specific hairstyle, and then create a recolor of the headband.  This provides the players with more colors and the ability to customize our Sims’ looks even more as if there are no recolors you get what is assigned to the specific hair color. Take a look at DarkNightT’s Pattie Hairstyle, for example.  If you download the Accessory Recolor this will give you eight additional patterns of the headband to pick from!

Hair Ties/Scrunchies

It may seem like a really small detail but braids or updos without hair ties is a concerning issue.  At TSR a lot of artists have additional CC elements you can download for specific hairstyles to add hair ties and scrunchies to the specific style.  These are generally paired with very specific styles, but with TSR’s system, you will see exactly what you need for the CC to work properly.


Just like the hair ties and scrunchies, bows, and ribbon CC are also usually designed to fit specific hairstyles.  These hair accessories are generally usable on other hairstyles rather than the original creator.  You will just have to use the process of elimination to figure out which ones will work with different hairstyles.  There are a lot of great options and a range of bows here at TSR; small bows… large bows… and even double bows. Double bows are perfect for pigtails!

Beads, Braid Accessories & Flower Accessories

Hair accessories are a great way to customize a Sim’s look.  These braided or in hair accessories, are specific to the hairstyle and are made in a set or particular hairstyle. You have to have just the right hair to make them work properly, otherwise, they are floating off the hair into the air.

If you are specifically looking for braids & beads, Qicc has a few sets; Yuce Hair, Jiona Hair, & Taamira Hair.  Each of these hairstyles has an optional accessory that you can download to added beads to your Sim’s hair.

For All Ages

Of course here at TSR, we want you to have CC for all of your Sims!  The artists are absolutely wonderful about making sure that your Kid and Toddler Sims have plenty of hair accessories to dress their looks up. Check out these super cute Glitter Hair Clips by Sugar Owl, for your child sims!  They are simply adorable!


The majority of hair accessories can be found in the ‘hat’ category of your game.  If you do not see the downloaded accessories look in the other accessory areas.  Sometimes you will see them in general body accessories or face accessories.   Generally, these types of items are made as a set with a Hairstyle, so you may not be able to add them to every single hairstyle.

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