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Spring Sims Fashion – Children & Toddlers

Need help finding Spring Sims Fashion for your child and toddler Sims?  Well, here at The Sims Resource, we have clothing for ALL ages of Sims!  There is so much Custom Content/CC here that we’ve decided to just highlight some great child and toddler CC. This should get you a nice start to keep even your kiddos looking fashionable in time for Spring!

Female Toddler Fashion

Left – 50s Toddler Dress    Right-  Lucia Dress

Ah, have the illusive Toddler CC problem? You won’t here at The Sims Resource!  There are plenty of places to find CC for toddlers; Lillka, RobertaPLobo, Bukovka, Zuckerschnute20, and Turksimmer are all great places to start shopping for Spring Fashion for your Female Toddler Sims.

Male Toddler Fashion

Left – Top    Right – Top & Shorts

Male CC is always harder to find than female, and when you add the element of the younger age, CC becomes even more scarce.  Fortunately, ReMaron, RobertaPLobo, & Lillika all make creations for our male toddler Sims.  Like all of our Featured Artists at The Sims Resource, these three creators are top quality.  Between the three of these creators, you can find a good variety to get a start on your toddler’s new wardrobe!

Female Child Fashion

Left – Hair & Babette Dress   Right – Top & Pants

TSR has a lot of Spring Sims Fashion for female child Sims; RobertaPLbob, Bukovka, Lillka, KaTPurpura, and MysteriousOo each have a good deal of CC in this category.  Lillka has a lot of nice floral print dresses that are absolutely perfect for Spring Sims Fashion.  If you still need more CC in this age group there are tons of artists not listed that also make CC for child Sims.  These are just a great place to start and artists who frequently make CC for this age group.

Male Child Fashion

Left- Top   Right – Top, & Pants

This category of CC is usually one of those that are harder to find, however here at The Sims Resource that is not the case!  If you are looking for clothing for your male child Sims The Sims Resource also has plenty for you to download.  For this category of Spring Sims Fashion start with looking at McLayneSims and ReMaronRobertaPLobo and Lillka also have a good deal of Male Child CC as well.  Between these artists and others on The Sims Resource, you will find plenty of CC for your male child Sims for Spring Sims Fashion


Left – Hair, Sunglasses, & Earrings    Right – Sunglasses & Earrings

One great thing about have access to downloading thousands of creations is that you can find just about anything you are looking for!  Accessories for younger-aged Sims are notoriously hard to find. Fortunately for you here at The Sims Resource, we have artists who make accessories for your toddler and child Sims.  For jewelry, a great place to start is with Suzue, Sugal Owl,  and Feyona.  For hats, glasses, and hair accessories Bukovka and S-Club have you covered.  If you are looking for stockings or socks check out ReMaron or Bukova, who have you covered.


Even harder to find than male Sim clothing, I present the elusive Children and Toddler Shoes!  If you did not know The Sims Resource has this group of CC as well!  Even though it’s not nearly the same amount of options as for Female Teen to Elder Sims, but there is still a great good amount shoes to select from.   For Child Sims Bukovka has your basic needs covered.  You can then look at Jius, OranosTr, InfinatePlumbobs, Birba32, ReMaron, and MahoCreations for even more shoe options.


There is so much CC here at The Sims Resource for Spring Sims Fashion!  Your Sims are going to be outfitted head to toe in bright pastels and comfy Spring Fashion!  Remember a lot of Retro patterns are also bright and colorful, so a lot of The Retro Reboot CC can double as Spring Sims Fashion!

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