Maxis Match vs. Alpha: What’s the Difference?

You’ve probably heard a lot of people throwing terms like “maxis match” and “alpha” around when talking about Sims 4 custom content. But what do these terms mean, and what’s the difference between them? Let’s learn more about both!

What is Alpha CC?

Alpha Custom Content tends to look more realistic, as in “like real life”, than Maxis Match content. It typically runs better on higher end machines that are able to better accommodate the graphical demands it puts on the game. Part of the reason the Sims 4 tends to run better than The Sims 3 is the texture change from more realistic to more cartoon-y, so keep this in mind if you’re running the game on a system that isn’t necessarily made for gaming–my MacBook can only handle so much Alpha CC without leaving my lap with scorch marks! Players like Alpha CC because it makes their games look more realistic. This is especially true when running the game on higher end rigs with big monitors.

What is Maxis Match CC?

Maxis Match CC blends in with the textures of Sims 4. This means the hair looks more solid and less glossy. Most Maxis Match hairs comes in the same color selection as the game, with some pieces having additional swatches as well. You can even have hair accessories like barettes or ribbons, as seen above. Looking less realistic doesn’t mean that there aren’t ample options–skin details like freckles and moles or even acne and wrinkles can still be Maxis Match, adding more diversity to your Sims in-game. Many players like Maxis Match CC because of how easily it blends with the content that comes with the game. This means that CC and game content look seamless when put together.

Which is right for me?

The choice to stick to either Maxis Match or Alpha CC is a lot less complicated than it seems because you don’t have to pick one or the other! I use both in my game and frequently download both at the same time because I like how they add to the game. Here at The Sims Resource, we have creators who specialize in one, the other, or even both types of CC, so you can find pieces to fit your preference (or lack thereof). Don’t let anyone else dictate your CC preferences–above all else, it’s simply that: a preference!

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