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Room Reno #3: Backyard

Welcome back to Room Reno #3 here at The Sims Resource! This week, we’re helping a household who desperately needs a fresh new outdoor space. Let’s meet who we’re helping!

Meet the Household!

The four ladies of the England household are best friends who moved in together after university! They’ve spent a lot of time and money renovating the interior of their fixer-upper house, but the backyard is a whole ‘nother ball game. Let’s see what they’re working with.

The Before

The yard is decently sized but could definitely use some expanding to put more activities into for the group to utilize. I also want to add more stonework to the ground in order to make a deck for a potential pool. I think a hot tub would also be fun, as well as a grill area to make the space easy to use for entertaining.

The Planning

Before I even started planning, I expanded the fence to allow for more space since the lot allowed for it. I plan to add a pool on the lower left corner of the yard, near the fence gate. A hot top will go in the opposite corner, likely on some kind of platform to help create a visual division of space between it and the rest of the yard. For the grill area, I’d like to use lots of color to brighten the area up.

The After

Here is our renovated yard! As you can see, I’ve added a lot of color throughout, like in the pool chairs, the hanging lights, and the dining table. Some of my favorite details are the towel basket near the hot tub and the dining sets on the table–they both make the space feel more realistic and “lived-in”, which can be a major struggle with Sims builds. Links to the sets I used in the furnishing can be found below:

Chlorophyll – Dining Area Chlorophyll – Plants

Thanks for reading Room Reno #3 here at The Sims Resource! Be sure to come back later for even more installments 🙂

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