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Trending on The Sims Resource – March

Welcome to March’s #Trending!  Curious about what’s #trending in the Sims custom content world? Well, have we got the article for you! In this article, Jezi and Paige will be going through what’s trending on The Sims Resource in March 2021.

Trending – StyLe

As spring finally makes it way onto the Northern Hemisphere, springtime outfits are very popular. Right now, these outfits most commonly include pastel colors, plaids, and florals. Millennial pinks, baby blues, or lily yellows–the pastel world is your oyster! I dressed my SimSelf a rose-colored peasant top paired with a pastel plaid skirt–one of my favorite creators for springtime fashion has been Dissia, who has a huge selection of pretty looks for the warm weather. – Paige

Trending – Accessories

One of the hot trends on the internet this spring season is Fairy Fashion.  You heard me correctly, and artists here at The Sims Resource are ahead of this curve.  We already have loads of Fairy-inspired CC for your Sims.  Costumes, Accessories and you know it WINGS! Let’s face it you can’t have a fairy without some wings!

Wings by S-Club & JaruSims

When researching the CC Wings on The Sims Resource I used the search function and just typed in ‘Wings’ and found over thirty pairs.  These pairs range in Sim age and there are even wings for pets. So the Sky is the limit with your options on wings for your fairies! – Jezi

Trending – Decor

Cozy bedrooms have been all the rage this month. Knitted decorations and plenty of plants lend a warmth to a room, especially when twinkle lights are added around the perimeter. Neutral color palettes tend to lend best to this aesthetic, though pops of color are always welcome–I like to incorporate mine through using colorful plants. To recreate this in-game, I used Severinka’s Daisy Bedroom with a variety of plants to make the perfect cozy spot for my Sims to read or just relax. If you’re in the mood, do some spring cleaning in your Sims’ homes and update their bedrooms! -Paige

Trending – Fashion

Earrings by Sugar Owl, Nails by Pralinesims, Rings by Christopher067, & Gloves by Dissia

Our final trend for March is Dark Mori or Modern Witch Styles.  This trend includes lots of layers with loose sweaters, layered skirts, and boots.   On outfits fringes and ruffles are most definitely a hit!  Skirts with leggings or dark-colored tights are also a staple to this look.  Make-up is limited with a natural look, if there is some color it tends to fall into the natural tones.

Tunic & Boots by Dissia, Undershirt by Pipco Skirt by Arltos, & Lace Socks by Suzue

When looking to make a Modern Witch Look at TSR there are lots of artists to start with.  DanSimFantasy has a lot of tighter-fitting pants and boots that can work for a Dark Mori style.  Dissia has a good deal of accessory tops, gloves, and stockings that can help you with your layering.  For long cardigans and skirts, you can find a couple mystically-themed ones in Helsoseria’s collection.

Thanks for checking out what’s trending on The Sims Resource in March! If you’re interested in more of our content, check out the Retro ReBoot collection review as well as our most recent lookbook!


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