Welcome back to Room Reno #4 here at The Sims Resource! This week, we’re helping a Sim who wants a fresh and cozy living area. Let’s meet who we’re helping!

Meet the Household!

This is Erika! She lives alone with her dog, Jasmine. Erika is a very mellow Sim who wants her home to feel relaxed and cozy when she gets home from her stressful job as a scientist. She thinks her living room feels a little too sterile for her current liking and wants to see it made into a more welcoming and relaxing space. Let’s see what we’re working with!

The Before

Erika got most of this furniture from her parents and relatives as hand-me-downs, and while she doesn’t mind any of it she also doesn’t feel “at home” with it either. She wants more knick-knacks strewn around and for the space to feel more like hers rather than her family’s. She also wants more color in the space–the lab she works in is pretty drab, so when she comes home she wants to have lots of color!

The Planning

I wanted to keep the layout of Erika’s living room mostly the same–the space only allows for so many configurations, and I wanted to make sure to keep as much natural light as possible coming into the space so I didn’t want to block her windows. A big statement rug was a must here, as they allow for the addition of color while also making the entire space feel cohesive and put together. Erika’s favorite color is teal, so I made sure to keep that in mind as I began picking out furniture.

The After

Here’s the finished space! I made sure to include lots of color and warmth to make the room just to Erika’s specifications. Warm wood tones bring together all the furniture, while the teal color scattered around the space helps to bring a unifying color scheme. One of my favorite small details is the tiny bike on the wicker corner table–Erika loves to bike, so I made sure to include one of her favorite hobbies in her space. Check out the sets I used to decorate the room below!

Charlotte Set: Charlotte, Part 2 Charlotte Decor Chlorophyll – Plants

Thanks for checking out Room Reno #4! Feel free to check out our last installment or our most recent lookbook. See you next time!

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