Custom Content Manager Update


Our Custom Content Manager tool has been updated! Thank you to everyone who has been so patient with us as we continue working through all of the current issues. There are also a couple of updates to the Download History page!

Custom Content Manager

Bug fixes

-Double install of Sims 4 objects that are part of a set has been fixed.

-If you still see some double items in game: open the CC Manager and to into the Sets category. Select all sets in the Library tab and Uninstall them. Then go the Downloads tab, select all sets you wish to re-install, and Install the items again.

-Fixed several issues with path setting.

-Fixed visual problem with the scroll bar (was hiding in some cases).

-Fixed issues with the Repair function.

Other Updates

-Changed “show enabled” and “show disabled” to checkboxes to make the function of these more clear.

-Added Delete selected option in the Downloads tab.

-Install and Delete buttons now showing both on top and at the bottom of the Downloads tab.

-Added a Reset All option in the Settings. This will remove all downloaded and installed content from the CC Manager.

-Warning: can not be undone! But re-download of files can of course always be done from your Download History page.

-Old Import button removed. This button was added more than 2 years ago after the change from the old 0.2 Chrome app version to the 1.0 stand alone version, and was only intended to move files from the 0.2 to the 1.0 version of the CC Manager.

Known issues that may still show up:

-When checking for updates on required items, some items may keep showing up in the list. This is an issue that still needs to be fixed on the site to make sure that the CC Manager will stop seeing an item as missing. It’s caused by required items that are no longer available for download on TSR, which means that the CC Manager keeps seeing them as missing. The missing items will not cause any problems in the CC Manager or in your game, but you may notice that a Sims or Lot is not complete, since the required items are not available anymore.

-Some install issues with Sims 3 items may still show up.

-Uninstall of the CC Manager still needs manual removal of the TSR CC Manager folder in c:/Users/(username)/Appdata/Roaming/  for doing a full clean install.

Download History

-A “Clear All Sims 4 History” button has been added. This will delete all of your current history for Sims 4 content.

-A new filter, and notification, has been added for updated items.

-If a file has received an update since you last downloaded it, it will trigger a notification in your Account tab for “Download History”

-The “Show Updates Only” checkbox will show any content that has been updated since the last time you downloaded it. This will include both updates performed by the artist, as well as server-wide batch fixes.

If you still have any chairs or bar stools in your game that are broken from the last patch, this is the perfect time to check out this filter and grab the updated versions!

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