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Murals For Sims

Murals for Sims are a hidden gem in the world of Sims custom content and you can download them right here at The Sims Resource.  There are many different types of murals from fantastic and unique artists.  Anything you need for your Sims’ walls can be found right here at The Sims Resource.

I did not discover the magic of Murals until just recently.  I take most of my images in Create a Sim, as it is easier to control and cheat the quality of the image there.  However, on rare occasions, I do like to use in-game sets to capture great editorial images.

How To Install Murals

So how do you use murals anyways?  Well, it is pretty simple.  You download them, make sure they get to your mod folder and then find them in-game.

After you find your desired mural in-game, most are considered wall coverings, you build a wall or add them to an existing wall.  Each mural is a little different as to the order it paints on or it may have individual swatches for each panel.

Typically you put one panel of ‘paint’ up at a time.  Most mural artists have your first panel as the middle of the mural.  You may have to play with your placement so that you get your mural in the exact place you want it to be.

How To Set up your Scene

Once you get your mural in place you can set up your scene with lighting and other furniture and decor if desired.  I always use the move item cheat code bb.moveobjects and holding down the alt key to get my set exactly where I want it to be.

Another cheat you may find useful if you want to make items in your scene smaller or larger is to use the bracket keys ] [ while holding the shift button to make items become larger or smaller.

Then you get your Sim in position and find the right pose! Close-up angles work best for mural screenshots because if you move too far out you can get a lot of floor in your image.

All these little tricks and cheat codes help make your setup all the more perfect. There are some wonderful murals on The Sims Resource, and you can totally take great screenshots with them!

Where to Find Mural Artists

Moniamay72, Syboubou, Matomibotaki, Networksims, Seimar8, and Caroll91 all have some fabulous murals to select from.  There is lots of variation from abstract pieces to realistic or photography murals between these artists.

Of course, there were several murals in the recent Retro Reboot Collab.  Lots of bring fun colors and patterns, which are just absolutely perfect for a retro-themed room or home.


Go ahead and dive right on into downloading murals for your Sims.  You can have your Sims go to the beach, the forest, a city, or a waterfall all while staying at home with the power of these lovely murals. Take fantastic in-game photos or give your house some personality by dressing up a party room with a fancy mural! You can do a lot with some murals and the power of creativity! Check out our latest blog and be sure to consider becoming a TSR VIP for early access to murals among other downloads!

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