CC Spring Cleaning

Spring! Time for flowers, warm weather, sunshine…allergies, pollen, headaches…okay, spring is a bit of a mixed bag. But with the coming of spring comes one of my favorite activities of the year: spring cleaning. While the task seems daunting at first, it can be really freeing to rid yourself of all the extra junk you’ve accumulated over the year. This holds true for custom content, as well–my CC folder is a bit of a nightmare right now. No, seriously:

There’s a lot happening in here. Peep the folders for past blogs and lookbooks–I do a lot of downloading here at TSR for different projects. I’ve also been a bit of a slacker when it comes to organizing it and have just kind of thrown it all into my mods folder willy-nilly. But I refuse to live like this anymore! I want a clean, organized CC folder. Watch the screen recording below to watch me organize, and then I’ll take you through the organizing process step by step.

I hope everyone enjoyed my submission to the organizing speedrun leaderboards ;). Let’s go through my folders!

For this organizing effort, I wanted to divide my CC into different “types”–hairs, skin details, mods, etc. While some other methods are faster, I find that this method allows for the easiest way to find particular pieces of CC when I go looking for them in my files. As you might have seen in the video above, I actually had multiple pieces of the same CC in different folders and didn’t even realize!

Even though I’ve done a lot of CC spring cleaning, I still have a lot more more organizing to do within each folder–that’ll be in part two. Check out our other blogs in the meantime! Now to clean out my irl closet…


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