CC Spring Cleaning: The Subfoldering

Welcome back to CC Spring Cleaning! When we last left off, I had successfully organized my (copious) CC collection into individual folders. But, as an overly intense organizer, that wasn’t enough for me. It’s time…for subfolders. DUN DUN DUN!

(an actual depiction of my face when thinking about how much organizing I’m about to do)

Onto the subfolder-ing! (Is that a word? It is now.) In the Sims 4, you can actually store things up to

I think I just beat my organizing world record. Let’s go through the subfolders!

Here is an example of what the inside of a folder now looks like! I made subcategories for all the different skin details I had downloaded and then categorized the mods as I went. You can get as intense (or not intense) with this as you want–I left clothing tops and bottoms uncategorized but I could have gone in and organized farther if I wanted.

Finally, my CC has been successfully organized. Let’s hope it stays this way until next spring, or I may have to do some Fall CC Cleaning too (though that doesn’t have the same ring to it). Enjoyed this? Be sure to check out Part One or our other blogs!


CC Spring Cleaning

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