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Room Reno #5: Kitchen

Welcome back to Room Reno #5 here at The Sims Resource! This week, we’re helping a family looking for an open-concept kitchen and dining area. Let’s meet who we’re helping!

Meet the Kim family!

The Kims have moved into a new house now that Edgar has a teenager (Stella) and a child (Ashton). The house is technically just new to them, though–it’s very old otherwise. The closed-off floor plan is the opposite of the feel that Edgar wants in his home, so I’ve decided to help them out.

The Before

Here is the tiny kitchen the house originally had. With really tall walls and an overall cramped feel, I knew that I was likely going to have to take the wall that linked to the dining room down in order to make space. I also wanted to move away from the orange-beige color scheme of the room and make it feel more fresh and modern. Let’s head into planning!

The Planning

As you can see, in planning I worked around the wall in the middle of the kitchen and dining rooms, planning to add an island there to visually divide the space. I wanted to create a galley-shaped kitchen in an unconventional way–by having one of the sides of the galley stick out into the room, it gives a flair unique of other galley kitchens. The dining table would stay roughly in the same place it was originally while allowing room for barstools at the island for increased seating. Time to get building!

The After

Here we have the finished space! One of my favorite aspects of this room is the pops of pink. While I didn’t go into the room planning on making pink the accent color, I knew that I wanted something bright and cheery to add to the otherwise neutral palette, and this rose color fit the bill perfectly. The little kitchen clutter items are also adorable, especially the cutting board with vegetables–it makes the space feel incredibly lived in. Check out the rooms I used for inspiration below!

Darla Kitchen by Rirann Dani Kitchen by Rirann

Thanks for checking out Room Reno #5! Feel free to check out our last installment or our CC spring cleaning article. See you next time!

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