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Townie Sims Fashion

We all have those moments we are playing The Sims 4 and then some incredible Townie Sims Fashion comes onto the screen.  Well, believe it or not, your Townie Sims might actually be wearing something trendy.  Just check out some of these common Townie selections and how these Sims are actually trendy. All CC used in this article is one-hundred percent found here on The Sims Resource.

Purposeful deletion of mesh for the full Random Townie Sim Fashion look.

OVERly AccessorizeD

This is my favorite Townie Sim Fashion trend, the overly accessorized look.  We all know it when we see it, gloves with nails, all the possible bracelets, rings, and whatever else will fit.  Two or more layers of socks? Not a problem! Well, I am not sure if it is good news or bad news, but accessories and lots of them are actually in.  Our Townie Sims has been trying to tell us something!

Mix & Match Patterns

Random Townie Sims are known for their over-the-top unintended fashion sense.  However, mix and matching patterns can be quite the fashionable thing to do.  This type of fashion is even more in if the colors are bright. Of course, Bob and Eliza easily nailed this look.

Corsets Over Tops & Dresses

Wearing a corset over another top is a huge trend coming out of TikTok right now.  The whole t-shirt with a corset over it took me for a bit of a surprise, but after I researched it, I realized that this style is actually, really a trend.  The one trend element of corsets that I really like is the corsets over button-up tops.  If you are looking for this trend on The Sims Resource you need to check out Belaloallure aka Belal1997.  This creator has several corset-over-top options as well as lots of other trendy fashion options for your Sims.

Bella – Corset 1 & Corset 2

Socks with Sandals

Alright, so I am one hundred percent guilty of this one! Socks with Birks? totally.  I promise it is a total comfort thing that has somehow turned into an actual fashion trend.  I don’t make the rules, sometimes trends just happen.

Tomax- Shirt, Shorts, & Socks

Bucket Hats

As you may have been noticing the Bucket Hat is making yet another comeback into the world of fashion.

Oh dear, not literally!  Anyways, Bucket Hats even outside the trendy fashion sense have a practical use.  They are absolutely great for sun protection, which in Vlad’s case is much needed.  Thanks to Magpiesan we have Vlad covered and look the hat even comes in black!

Vlad- Hat, & Outfit


Obviously, you can outfit every single available slot with CC from The Sims Resource with trendy fashion for your Sims. The real magic is the randomly generated Townie Fashion.  Sure we are poking fun at them but the trends listed here are actual real-world trends.   Maybe… the Townies are trendsetters!


Want more Sims Fashion CC?  Check out Paige’s recent blog on Tattoos on TSR or check out Issue 1 of The Resource (The Sims Resource’s Exclusive E-zine!)

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