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Tattoos! Whether you have some of your own (my parents are still bugging me about mine) or you stay away from the ink life, there’s no denying that they add personality and edge to any Sim you give them to. From dainty designs to full sleeves, there’s a tattoo out there for any Sim–without the actual pain of getting tatted. Let’s see some of the many tattoos your Sims can rock from here at The Sims Resource!

Bashful Blooming

On our first model, I used a few different tattoos. For her collarbone I used a rose tattoo (one of my irl friends actually has a rose tattoo like this one lower down on her ribcage!). On her forearms, I used a tattoo based on Geisha art. These tattoos look absolutely stunning in-game and show up incredibly well. On the model’s ankle, I used a dainty snake tattoo–dainty ankle tattoos are one of my favorite things since they can be easily hidden or shown off depending on the outfit you choose.

Collarbone Tattoo Forearm Tattoo Ankle Tattoo Bathing Suit
Sim Hair Nails Lashes

Rip Roaring

Sleeve tattoos are probably one of the most famous types of tattoo placements–I can’t help but picture old-timey sailors with them. This Sim actually has overlapping tattoos, one on his collarbone and left arm, and the sleeve overlapping onto his right collarbone and right arm. His back tattoo is based on a lotus flower and contrasts with his much more “metal” sleeve tattoo. I like the contrast of a “hardcore” tattoo with a more delicate one because it has big “duality of man” energy.

Sleeve Tattoo Collarbone Tattoo Back Tattoo Pant
Sim Hair Shoes Beard

Fly Free

This model has mirrored collarbone tattoos of birds as well as a variety of dainty finger tattoos. While in real life these are two of the most painful places to get tatted, in-game it only takes a few clicks for your Sims to have detailed, beautiful tattoos. On her calves, the model has roses climbing up her legs, the design making use of negative space to make the design really pop.

Collarbone Tattoos Calf Tattoos Finger Tattoos Dress
Sim Hair Shoes Nails

Tropical Taste

This Sim has a variety of tropical-inspired tattoos! On his right arm he has a colorful floral sleeve while on his left forearm he has a carp swimming down towards his hand. He has the same calf tattoos as the model in “fly free”–most of TSR’s tattoos can be used on any Sim of any gender, meaning you have unlimited creative options for your Sims.

Sleeve Tattoo Forearm Tattoo Calf Tattoos Sim
Hair Top Shorts

Thanks for checking out today’s guide to tattoos at TSR! Want to see more of our content? Check out our guide to spring picnics in-game as well as what seems to be coming in the future for Sims 5.

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