The Sims Summer Lineup

Courtyard Oasis Kit

If you haven’t already seen it, the Microsoft Store leaked the latest kit – Courtyard Oasis! It’s an exotic collection of Moroccan-styled build/buy objects that look – you guessed it – tailored towards building courtyards and outdoor living areas. (It looks promising! I think this style is a nice deviation when compared to a lot of the rest of the game.)

We also know that EA has previously stated there was both a kit AND a game pack in the works. There has yet to be an word on the game pack.

The official page on the Microsoft Store has since been taken down, but the release date for Courtyard Oasis is supposed to be May 18th, 2021.

The Sims Summer Lineup

It also seems that EA and Xbox are up to something. On a tweet from The Sims at the end of April about an upcoming patch update, we saw Xbox left a comment that was simply “👀”.

In another tweet from the May 7th, The Sims team tagged Xbox and announced The Sims summer line up:

To which Xbox then replied:

Some playful banter back and forth about the leak of Courtyard Oasis, it seems… but, what is Hot Sims Summer? We are super curious to see what is going to be in The Sims summer lineup.

What’s going on between The Sims and Xbox? Console has packs, and likewise, they’ve also now had The Gallery for a little over a year. Why is whatever they are doing only exclusive to Xbox?

A lot of simmers are speculating that they might have something in the way of true Custom Content coming from outside of The Gallery. This is in part based on the thought that the Xbox operating system could be closely related to Windows. At least, closer than Playstation, and close enough that it’s easier to make it work on Xbox versus Playstation.

As for what is actually going to happen, we’ll just have to wait and see once the summer lineup announcement comes out!

Coming Soon… Maybe?

Amid the pandemic, EA withdrew from E3 and instead moved to their own EA Play Live event. EA Play Live for 2021 is currently believed to be happening on June 14th – there may be more Sim-related surprises on the way!

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