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Cottagecore: The Sims Resource Lookbook

If you’ve been on the internet at all in the past year or so, you’ll have noticed a huge new trend–cottagecore. If you’re digging looks that make it seem like you just wandered out of the woods from the magical cottage you live in, then cottagecore is for you. Luckily for us, Sims can live the cottagecore lifestyle without any of the pesky real life stressors that come with moving to the woods and giving up technology. Today, I’ve created a lookbook of cottagecore fashions all using The Sims Resource items.

Classic Cottagecore

Our first model is wearing a classic cottagecore look–a cozy dress and turtleneck with some boots. Her dress is the Arltos Clothing 202105 and her boots are the Madlen Isabis Boots. Her hair is the Nadia Bun by TekriSims, which comes with strings of pearls laced into the hair on one side and add a great accent to any look using the hair!

Cozy Neutrals

Our second model is in some basic browns, as a lot of the cottagecore looks revolve around neutral colors to go with the nature-inspired side of the aesthetic. She is wearing the Laupipi Puliana Pants and Cassie Sweater. Her hair is the Louise Hair by simlebrity00 and her shoes are the Madlen Dijon Boots.

Wide-Leg Realness

Our next model is wearing another current trend tied in with the cottagecore aesthetic: wide-leg pants, which help accentuate the waist and elongate the legs. She is wearing the Women’s Wide Leg Plaid Pants by Sims House with the Laupipi Sleeveless Sweater. Her shoes are the Madlen Ricardo shoes and her hair is the Hazel hair by FeralPoodles.

Dark Academia

Another popular aesthetic is “dark academia”, which I’ve tied into the cottagecore vibes with this look. This model is wearing laupipi’s Sleeveless Sweater with Helsoseira’s FSXS A-Line Midi Skirt. For shoes, she is wearing the Madlen Ricardo shoes and her hair is the S-Club WM Hair 202103.

Cottagecore (for kids!)

I wanted to include child sims in the cottagecore fun as well! This sim is wearing the Junior Plaid Pinafore by Pinkfizzzzz, the Suede Boots by bukovka, and the Jenna Hair by qicc.

If you liked this lookbook, be sure to check out the Valentine’s Day one I made! Be sure to check out our shop page if you’re interested in becoming a The Sims Resource VIP to score your own cottagecore looks without any download times!.

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