The Sims Resource: CC Manager Update!

A very exciting update has come to The Sims Resource CC Manager! The CC Manager is a VIP exclusive program. It organizes all of your CC and allows you to individually disable, enable, or edit each piece of custom content whenever you want. Let’s get into all the new features and bug fixes.

New Features


The most exciting new feature is the ability to check for updates! We’ve all had a moment where we realize that a new game update has broken our favorite piece of CC. With the new update feature, you can now check for updates and automatically install the updated versions of the CC with just a few clicks!

You can now have a one-click download of required items, like meshes, into the CC manager, saving lots of time.  The download basket feature can now be used in tandem with the CC Manager.  This means it can be used to download and install straight into the CC manager.

Plus, with The Sims Resource CC Manager update you can also mass download and install from your download history or favorites. This means that you can grab all of your favorite past downloads or favorite items super quickly and conveniently.

Additionally, Sets are now split up into individual items.  This means they can be enabled or disabled individually, which allows for more customization options for what items you want in your game. Just remember–disabling the main set will disable all the individual items!

Other Updates


One interesting update to The Sims Resource CC Manager? Lots of new categories were added to the CC Manager! These include a variety of rooms, from bedrooms to offices, as well as clothing for male and female babies and socks for all genders.

Also, a warning will appear if you try to install CC while the game is running–make sure save and quit before trying to add new CC!

Bug Fixes

If the CC Manager is left open, the game will no longer crash on start up. This will make the installation process into checking out your new CC go much faster!

Also, the CC Manger now correctly installs rooms. Now, room downloads will install properly and be organized into their respective categories without issue.

I hope you enjoy all the new updates to The Sims Resource CC Manager! Make sure to check out my blog about some of the benefits of being a VIP to learn more about all the great features the CC Manager has.

To download the CC Manager, click here. Purchase your VIP Membership now to use CC Manager now!


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