The Sims Resource VIP Benefits: Part One

Being a The Sims Resource VIP member comes with lots of unique benefits! In this post, we’ll be going in depth on just a few of the perks to help you get a better understanding of what The Sims Resource VIP has to offer.

One Click Downloads

You only need one click to download any piece of custom content as a The Sims Resource VIP! This is a great perk because it means you don’t have to open multiple tabs or go through multiple pages to download a piece of CC, a sim, or a lot!

One-click is also great when downloading a recolor of another The Sims Resource creation! When you click download, you’ll be taken to another screen where you can download both the mesh and the recolor of the item, saving you time and a headache!

No Ads

With no ads, browsing and downloading The Sims Resource can’t get any easier! VIPs don’t have to sit through ad loading times or any wait times for downloads, a huge perk of being a VIP member.

Download Basket

Another great VIP benefit is the download basket. Instead of having to download each piece of custom content individually, VIPs get to add everything they want to the download basket and then get everything in one easy to use .zip file.

CC Manager

VIP members also have an awesome benefit in the CC manager. The manager, which works for both the Sims 3 and the Sims 4, can be used to help manage, install, and uninstall all the custom content you use in the game in just a few clicks.

I hope you enjoyed this recap of just some of The Sims Resource VIP benefits. Be sure to read part two and feel free to check out my blog about my first time VIP experience!

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