My First Time as a The Sims Resource VIP

My First Time as a The Sims Resource VIP

Hey y’all! It’s Paige again. I’ve been using The Sims Resource for years, but until recently, I had never used it as a VIP member. After my experience writing about what it’s like as a The Sims Resource free member, I was super excited to see what the VIP side of the site was like. There are a myriad of benefits to being a TSR VIP, and I’m here to take you on a tour of all of them 😀

Living the VIP Life

One of the first benefits I noticed after becoming a The Sims Resource VIP was the one-click downloads I had for every item on the site! (For help downloading, installing, and organizing CC, check out my blog post about it!) Instead of going through two or three separate pages for each item I wanted, I could download an item as soon as I saw it using VIP-exclusive quick view, saving me a ton of time.

Another benefit I quickly discovered was the zero wait times for my download. Unlike with my free account, I didn’t have to wait at all to download the custom content I wanted, and I could even have unlimited scrolling, which meant that I could scroll through content without having to reload the page. Combined with one-click downloads, the VIP life was really feeling good.

On top of one-click downloads and zero wait times, I got to experience the VIP-exclusive Download Basket! The Download Basket allowed me to add  as many pieces of CC into my basket as I wanted and then download it all as one .zip file. I could even save items to my basket on my phone and download them once I was back at my computer. CC shopping has never been easier!

Another great VIP feature I found was the ability to save my favorite creations for later download (or just to remember what my favorites are!) I used this feature alongside the download history to keep track of my favorite downloads of all time. The one-click download ability carried over to my history too, which meant that I could instantly re-download anything I had previously saved to my computer.

I also got to access the VIP-only Discord server, which let me talk directly to top TSR artists and request pieces of Custom Content. Once I had picked out all my CC, I downloaded it using the The Sims Resource CC Manager tool, which is another VIP perk. The CC Manager allowed me to download and organize my custom content for both The Sims 3 and The Sims 4. It even lets me disable my mods if I’m having gameplay errors because of them!


After getting a taste of the VIP The Sims Resource life, I’m never going back! My favorite feature is probably the download basket, but the one-click downloads and the CC manager are also really great and make enriching my game with mods even easier. If you’re interested in living the VIP life, you can check  out if a VIP membership is right for you.

Thank you for reading! If you’re a TSR VIP, what’s your favorite feature?

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