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K-Pop Fashion Trends on TSR

K-Pop Fashion is all the rage everywhere, even here at TSR.  If you are just browsing the downloads, you will find K-Pop fashion.

Emma’s Featured CC includes; hair, top, shorts, fishnets, shoes, earrings all from TSR

What is K-Pop Fashion?

So what is K-Pop fashion you might be asking yourselves… well… it is a lot of things.  K-Pop trends are influenced by Korean pop music performers who are referred to as K-Pop idols.  Typically these K-Pop idols or superstars are in a group of musicians.

Kori’s featured includes; hair, outfit, and boots

A lot of times for music videos and performances the group will dress in a similar theme.  These fashion themes range from all black, futuristic, military, soft pinks, uniforms, and on.

Neo’s featured CC includes; hair, earrings, top, pants, and shoes all from TSR

K-Pop Fashion Trends

In K-Pop fashion trends, it is completely ok to show a little skin. It is quite common for male K-Pop performers to wear plunging necklines and open jackets during shows and in music videos.

Emma’s TSR featured CC; top, skirt, socks, boots, hair

There are other staple elements in K-Pop trends, such as skirts with boots and high socks or stockings.

jumpsuit, boots, and hair all from TSR

Strappy clothing with zippers and pouches are also quite popular.  Military themes or the bad girl/boy vibes tend to really use these trends quite nicely. Straps and belted accessories for thighs are also trendy paired with a short skirt.

Find the jacket Neo is wearing HERE

Vibrancy and fun are celebrated in K-Pop fashion! Bold and bright colors and patterns are extremely popular for  K-Pop trends.  Non- natural colored hair is also totally fine.  For male fashion in particular jackets or ‘Statement Jackets’ are also super popular

Sam is wearing a Statement Jacket

Just as bold colors are popular is the color black.  Darker looks seem to be more popular on TSR in general than vibrant looks.

Kori is wearing all items from TSR in this look; top 1, top 2, skirt, hair, hair accessory, boots

Layering is one of the staple trends of K-Pop fashion.  At TSR it is easy to take pieces of what would seem like different outfits and creators and make them all come together for a total K-Pop look.

Emma’s featured cc includes; outfit, hair, fishnet socks, and shoes all from TSR

Where to find K-Pop Fashion on TSR

If you are looking for specific K-Pop fashion trends I suggest starting your search by looking at the following artists here at TSR; DarkNightTt, Trillyke, Dissa, Magpiesan, and HelsoseiraDarkNightTt & Trillyke have some pieces that are specific outfits that have been seen on K-Pop idols.  Dissia has a lot of socks and layered components for your K-Pop looks.  If you are looking for K-Pop inspired male hair Magpiesan here at TSR has you covered.  Helsoseira has pieces that are clearly styled after the outfits as well, but there are LOADs of them and Helsoseira frequently releases new outfits and pieces that can easily be used for K-Pop trends.

Kori’s outfit, and boots, and hair are by DarknighTt

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