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Cow Print Fashion at TSR

Cow Print fashions are here at TSR! Cow Print is one of those trends that will pop up in fashion from time to time.  When designers in real-life use specific prints in their fashions it always inspires trendy Sim fashion here at TSR.

Trendy Moo

According to Jayden here Cow Print is currently a very fashionable print in high fashion.  This trendy moo print is one of those fashions that pop up occasionally on the runways and then take off in a trend.

Cow Print at TSR

Here at TSR you can find lots of various cow print fashions from many different artists.  Outfit types of these cowtacular patterns range from everyday, formal, party, swimwear, and athletic.   With the artists at TSR you could have an entire lookbook themed in Cow Print.

Styles and textures vary per design or recolor giving your Sims many options to select from in the Cow Print department.  Some textures of the print look as if they are leather and others look like a fur texture.  Lots of variety here at TSR!

Creators like Busra-tr and Camuflaje create high-quality trendy looks that have several options for Cow Print.  Their creations are extremely fashionable, high quality,  and current even in a real-life vantage point.

Select Artist EvilQuinzel even has Cow Print Eyeshadow!  How neat you can easily dress a female adult Sim in a Cow Print theme head to toe here at TSR!

Cow Print for Kids

There may not be a lot of options in the Cow Print department for male Sims at this time, but thanks to lillka, your female child Sims can have also participated in the Cow Print Craze!

New Trend?

So what do you think of the Cow Print Fashion Craze? Are you as excited about it as Jayden is?  She does look super high fashion in these prints! It is always great to have some fun options and Cow Print is definitely a fun pattern!

If you need your Sims to look super trendy in Cow Print fashions you know just where to look — Right here at TSR!

Jayden’s non Cow Print CC
PZC Fishnets SonyaSims Liberty Hair Trillyke Black Skinnies Madlen Tricia Boots SM Sapphire 3D Lashes
Praline Eyebrows DN Wicca Nails Nightcrawler Shuri Hair JH Eyeshadow #34 Izzie McFire ES N135
Suzue Double Piercing JH Lipstick #46 RemusSirion Lipstick Serum SClub Eyeliner 202002 Nords Lenis Skinblend
Jwofles Ashley Hoops Reevaly Freckles V1 Merci Contour Palette N01 JH Eyeliner #23 Nords MB Mouth Crease
Jwofles Anisa Boot Jwolfes Chain Link Choker SClub Glasses 202101 RemusSirion Blush 24 Christopher067 Mika Earrings
Praline Zeta Nails Madlen Aston Boots SClub 3d Eylashes V1

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