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Trending on The Sims Resource: February

Curious about what’s #trending in the Sims custom content world? Well have we got the article for you! In this article, Jezi and Paige will be going through what’s trending on The Sims Resource in February 2021.

Trends: Makeup

One of my favorite recent trends in makeup has been the minimalist approach! I’m a huge fan of brands like Glossier that emphasize products that enhance the natural features and bring out the best in your face with only a little work, especially in the quarantimes where you aren’t seeing anyone outside of your immediate household without a mask. This sim is wearing a light eyeshadow, lip gloss, lashes, and blush–in real life, I like to think it would only take them 10 minutes to get ready. I really like The Sims Resource creator IzzieMcFire, who makes a lot of colorful makeup but also makes subtler types as well, like the blush on this model. – Paige

Trends: Fashion

Even though for a lot of us it is Winter in irl, our Sims are having the time of their lives in midriff tops.  Midriff tops have always been an easy find on TSR, but it would seem that there are more midriff tops than full tops.  I think really we just all want to take a vacation to Sulani, Del Sol Valley, Selvadorado, or I would even take Oasis Sprints right now.

Red Sweater by Viy Sims & Camo shirt by Trillyke. Whether or not you are a midriff fan or not, you should probably download just a few, ya know, just incase, right?  Pizazz, Carvin_Captoor, Harmonia, Viy_Sim, and Belal19972 all have some great options if you need places to start showing a lil skin.

Trends: Interior Decorating

Plants. They’re like pets, but significantly easier to take care of. You can’t exactly cuddle up with them, but having a huge selection to water and take care of can help brighten your days (and your rooms!). Having a ton of plants instantly brightens a room irl, and the same holds true in the Sims. I’ve been building plant-filled sunrooms in all of my recent Sims houses, especially using plants by Nynaeve Design, which are featured in the photo above as well–all the plants slot into any of the pots, meaning I can mix and match to my heart’s content to make my perfect jungle. – Paige

Trends: Hair

Another trend that seems to be coming back to TSR is pigtails.  And I don’t mean just any pigtails, we are talking FUN braids.  Check out the Siena Hairstyle by DarkNighTt and you will see exactly what I mean! Super fun style and it comes in children and adult hairstyles!

Another great recent pigtail hairstyle is the.  The Cynthia Hair is sized for toddlers, children, and adults.  It also is a Maxis Match hairstyle, which also seems to be a coming trend of its own here on TSR.

Wingssims also has the TO0206 which is sorta like buns I guess rather than pigtails.  It has that symmetrical trend vibe to it so we are including the hairstyle here.  The magic about this hairstyle is ALL the color swatches! THIRTY-SIX colors and it is compatible with hats.

We hope you enjoyed what’s trending in February 2021 on The Sims Resource. If you want to see more of what’s trending, you can check out Jezi’s Cowprint lookbook or Paige’s Cottagecore Lookbook. Don’t forget to check out all of these trends on The Sims Resource!

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