Celebrate The Sims 21st Birthday!

Welcome to the party, Simmers! The Sims series turned 21 this month, and to celebrate, EA has teamed up with 9 creators from throughout the community to bring you a selection of content made by the community, for the community!

This year, nine creators from The Sims community pitched in to share their talents in honor of the occasion. Starting now, you can unwrap 21 new presents in The Sims 4*, designed by your fellow players!

Involved in the project were HeyHarrie, storylegacysims, peachyfaerie, peacemaker_ic, Luumia, icemunmun, grimcookies, FeralPoodles, and AHarris00Britney! They’ve each worked to create beautiful, unique content for this month’s free game update, that is now live on Origin! 

What’s included?

The Sims 21st Birthday update includes a selection of furniture from HeyHarrie and peacemaker_ic.  HeyHarrie created a stylish dining room collection, in a multitude of natural wood tones.peacemaker_ic brings a playful bedroom trio, featuring an adorably expressive mirror!

Icemunmun has prepared a delicacy of treats for us with three new meals! A fabulous baked chocolate mousse, savory Butter Chicken, and an exotic Palek Paneer to round out the selection!

Storylegacysims brings some absolutely adorable new toddler clothing to the game, with AHarris00Britney creating some just-as-stylish adult clothing. 

Luumia brings the realism up a notch with a crows feet skin detail! This is sa much needed addition to portray adult and aging sims!

Get your shine on with the new highlighter from peachyfaerie! Complement your new glow with new eyebrows, available in both thick and thin versions.

grimcookies ups the ante with a new matte lipstick! Available in a multitude of shades, all of which work wonderfully to create endless variation with the recent make-up slider system.

Rounding out the new looks, FeralPoodles has created a wonderfully playful knitted cat hat, pom-pom included!

Go! Go! Go!

If you haven’t already, head over to Origin and download the 21st Birthday update to get these amazing creations added to your game! Read more about each of the creators, and what inspired these items over at EA’s official blog.

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