Welcome to The House!

The House is a group of sims we created here at The Sims Resource in early 2020 following the exploits of 8 rambunctious Sims living in the big city of San Myshuno. In this post, I’ll be introducing you to the members of The House so that we can head into the story next time!

Jayden Davis

Jayden is the de-facto leader of The House, considering everyone there is either friends with her or works for her (or both!). A total #girlboss in every regard, Jayden goes through life intent upon conquering every industry she puts her sights on. Watch out, San Myshuno: Jayden is coming for you.

Traits: Self-Absorbed, Snob, and Jealous

Vin Kurtz

Vin is a renowned artist, photographer, and creative mind…too bad they’re not as renowned in their personal relationships. Though their friends adore them, Vin finds they are often unlucky in love, mostly due to their extremely noncommittal nature. What can they say? Their first love is their art, and everything else falls behind that.

Traits: Noncommittal, Bookworm, Genius

Kendall Barnes

Kendall looks like a quintessential party girl, but don’t let appearances fool you–there is more to her than meets the eye. While she does love to throw a good party in The House (always wearing the hottest The Sims Resource fashions), Kendall is also a supportive friend and sister. She’s rarely single, always seen about town with a beau and always ready to dump them for the next exciting thing she finds.

Traits: Erratic, Insider, Materialistic

Carlos Martinez

Carlos loves a good adventure. Whether it’s trying too-spicy food around San Myshuno or traveling all the way to Mt. Komorebi to try and scale the peak, he looks for the little challenges in every single day. One area he never finds a challenge in? Romance. Carlos has never found it hard to find the right person for him, and recently it seems he has his sights set on Jayden.

Traits: Romantic, Loves the Outdoors, Adventurous

Snow Person

Snow is…a little different, from all her roommates, in that she doesn’t really…like any of them. Okay, maybe that’s a bit strong, but she certainly enjoys her alone time and wants just a little more space than her living situation gives her. At least she has her work as Jayden’s creative director to keep her busy–that, and her various recipe books full of vegetarian meals.

Traits: Gloomy, Art-Lover, Vegetarian

Devon Stockton

Devon is a himbo. You know Kronk from Emperor’s New Groove? That’s Devon. Always well meaning, always trying his best, but just a few crayons short of the box. His kindness and cheery demeanor have won over even the most resistant of Sims, and it seems like he might just win over Snow with his love of good food and refusal to let her coldness keep him from being her friend.

Traits: Foodie, Bro, Athletic

Evelyn Barnes

Evelyn is Kendall’s younger sister and the sweetest girl in the world. At least, that’s what Kendall tells everyone. Evelyn isn’t sure of what she wants or who she is quite yet, other than that she wants to help others. An introvert to Kendall’s extrovert, the younger Barnes sister prefers staying in and reading to partying. Maybe one day she’ll get the courage to tell her sister that…

Traits: Good, Perfectionist, Neat

Sunny Iona

Sunny is a ray of sunshine, true to her name! She cares a ton about her friends, and even though she might fall into the “mom” role of the group, that doesn’t mean she can’t loosen up and have a good time. From working out with Carlos and Devon to listening to Evelyn vent about her sister, Sunny is the glue that keeps The House together.

Traits: Cheerful, Loves the Outdoors, Active

The House Begins…

We hope you enjoyed this introduction to The Sims Resource’s newest crew: The House! All members of The House are outfitted exclusively with The Sims Resource custom content (don’t worry–we’ll reveal what items in another post!), which was all downloaded in one folder using a VIP membership. What adventures and mischief will they all get up to? You’ll see soon enough 🙂



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