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The House: Fashion Guide

Fashion at the House

So the secret is out… we have a new group of sim-influencers here at TSR!  The House, as we call it, is very much like a reality tv show, with lots of personalities, drama… and of course FASHION! This is your guide to get their signature looks.


Jayden always dresses fashionably, even if it is just lounging around in the house.  She always matches and always properly accessorizes.  Jayden ONLY wears mainstream and trendy labels–being that she is an ex-fashion model and current editor of a magazine she knows style. Jayden has walked the catwalk and approaches everyday life just like strutting her stuff for thousands to see.  Her style would be described as chic or elegant and definitely fancy.  Her favorite color is definitely by far red and gold.

Jayden’s CC
Hair Eyebrows Eyeshadow Eyeliner Eyelashes
Lipstick Blush Piercing Earrings/Necklace Skin detail 1, 2, & 3
Piercing Dress Shoes Ring Nails



Like Jayden, Kendall when she is dressed…. is very fashionable. However, in contrast to Jayden, Kendall will play it a bit on the wild side.  She loves bright colors and LOVES animal prints.  With Kendall the tighter and the more skin showing the better. Kendall, like Jayden and Sunny, has modeling experience and instead of going to college was a travel and beauty influencer on Simstigram.  Kendall frequently and inappropriately roams the House in the buff or in bikinis as to her natural environment.

Kendall’s CC
Hair Eyebrows Eyeshadow Eyeliner Blush
Lipstick Skin Overlay Earrings Nails Dress
Shoes Eyelashes

Snow has her own sense of style, but a lot of the time she is super trendy in that Emo gal vibe kind of way.  She prefers dark blue and black clothing and ALWAYS has her hair dyed black or another dark shade.  Snow is a little more conservative compared to her housemates and she is a little more self-conscious (unlike Kendall who is rarely even dressed).  Snow is a creative type and likes her clothing well-fitted and comfortable, but she is not afraid to try new styles as long as it is in dark colors or the color blue.

Snow’s CC
Hair Eyebrows Eyeshadow Eyeliner Eyelashes
Blush Skin Detail 1 & 2 Lipstick Piercing 1 & 2 Top
Skort Earrings/Fishnets Shoes Nails Moles

Naturally, being Kendall’s younger sister Evelyn has a strong sense of style. Looking at other house fashion, Evelyn’s style is very unique.   Evelyn likes pastels, floral patterns, and anything super girly or princess-like. She is not afraid to show some skin and has the most scandalous and shocking swimsuit out of the bunch.  The rest of the house was quite shocked when Evelyn broke out her micro bikini.

(Evelyn’s Base sim is by LadySimmer)

Eveylyn’s CC
Hair Eyeshadow Eyeliner Eyebrows Blush
Lipstick Skin Detail 1 & 2 Dress Leggings Shoes
Skin Overlay Nails Earnings

Just like her name, Sunny enjoys bright colors in her fashion.  Obviously, her favorite color is yellow, followed closely by bright orange.  Sunny is super athletic and active so her clothing always has to give her room to move.  As far as style goes, being from a tropical area Sunny likes anything breezy and soft.  Her go-to attire usually includes shorts or rompers, unless she is living in a colder environment, when nicely worn-in jeans do the trick.

Sunny’s CC
Hair Eyeshadow Eyes Eyeliner Eyelashes
Blush Lipstick Skin Detail 1 Top Bottoms
Moles Ring Shoes Nails Skin Detail 2

Devon is another active Sim in the house who enjoys working out about as much as Sunny & Carlos.  In addition to being active Devon likes to cook, so his clothing style is generally looser fitting just incase he overdoes it on his eating.  He likes fashions in the athletic leisure category.  Devon also really likes gray clothing and camo prints.   Devon generally wears athletic shoes and prefers to be comfortable and clean over stylish.

Devon’s CC
Hair – EA Eyebrows Skin Detail 1 & 2
Top Bottoms Necklace- EA

Always ready to party or adventure, Carlos has a very clean but purposeful sense of fashion.  If he wears dress shirts they are generally easy to tear off, just in case he has to dive in the ocean to save Vin from sudden death. Carlos almost always wears boots because they will always look stylish even if he is looking for artifacts in the jungles of Selvadorada.  Carlos is like Sunny and comes from a hotter environment so he too likes breathable cotton and loses fitting tops.  However, there is nothing loose about Carlos’ jeans! He wants ALL the attention from ALL the ladies!

Carlos’ CC
Hair Eyebrows Facial Hair
Skin Detail 1 Top Bottoms
Accessory Shoes

Vin may have commitment issues in his personal life, but they can commit to fashion.  They are Kendall and Jayden’s shopping buddy.  The three of them can spend HOURS on TSR shopping for new fashion.  They do not have a go-to style specifically, so they tend to wear whatever is trendy or going to be trendy soon.  They like bright colors and bold patterns balanced with solids and really love sunglasses.  If Vin is outside,  eyewear is on. Vin is most definitely one of the trendiest Sim in respect to house fashion.

Vin’s CC
Hair Eyebrows Lipstick Skin Detail 1 & 2
Socks Shoes Top Bottoms
Accessory 1 Accessory 2 Nail Polish

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