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Summer Collab – The Perfect Night

The Perfect Night

The Sims Resource Summer Collab, The Perfect Night, is here! This collab is a bit different than previous collabs as the theme of The Perfect Night means different things to different creators.  Artists were given the definition of The Perfect Night to create content with, so we have all sorts of nighttime themes and activities in this collab.  Themes include; sleeping, clubbing, games, dates, weddings, parties, movies, vampires, and more!   There is such a wide range of cc with over 200 downloads, your Sims are going to have everything they need for any type of night.

Celebrity inspired Sim

Celebrity inspired Sim

What to Expect

This collab is like no other collab, the theme gives so many options for creation.  All I can say to summarize is to expect to be impressed.  The Perfect Night collab will be in a similar format as the Spring Retro Reboot collab.  Items will begin to release today (June 23rd) thru the 30th.  The items will be released in the following order; CAS, Objects, Sims, & Build.  There will be some VIP items, just like in the Retro Reboot Collab, after seven days the items that are VIP access will then be released publically.

Gamer Sim

My Perfect Night

What is The Perfect Night

What is The Perfect Night? Well, it depends on the night and the person… I know that is not really an answer, but the question is very subjective.  Depending on the person and what they are doing, have done, or want to do will change the answer. 

The Perfect Night Accessories and Makeup

For example, I do like predictability, but every once in a while, like once a month I enjoy going on a date with my husband or going to a party.  When I worked as a corporate manager my Perfect Night was in bed at 9pm with a Nintendo switch playing Animal Crossing or Stardew Valley.  Now that I have moved from that lifestyle I enjoy going out more and staying up suppppper late playing video games or watching movies and murder mysteries. For some, this might seem like not enough going out, and others too much.

Sim Party Lot

Regardless of the differences and variety in the multitude of possible Perfect Nights, the artists here at The Sims Resource have many interpretations on a perfect night.  Because of the variety in perfect night definitions, you get more variety of CC. Sounds like a win to me.  

Sims 4 Perfect Night Build

New Wall Coverings

New Content

Who is ready for tons of new content!  I totally am!! I am so excited about this collab! Within this collab, there is a wide variety of content.  Everything from vampires, clubs, date locations, and pajamas.  There are some really neat functional and decorative items as well as awesome builds, incredible Sims, and sizzling fashion.  

Sims 4 Casino

Casino Items

The Perfect Night CAS

YES Bella has a new clutch purse!!!

This collab has a lot of new CAS items; hair, clothing, shoes, and accessories.  Of course, we can never go wrong with more CC! The variety in this collab allows for a lot of different CC.  Specifically looking at hair there are quite a few different designs.  I am personally excited about the up-dos.  As an individual with super thick and long hair, my hair is usually worn in a high ponytail or a bun.

The Perfect Night CAS

Of course, there are plenty of club attire dresses, Jayden and Kendall from The House are going to absolutely love these new designs! Lots of vibrant colors in these designs and lots of short-length dress styles to select from.  Of course, I would most likely be rocking DanSimsFantasy’s Pajama set.  Loose shorts and a tank, my perfect style! Of course my club-style… definitely one of those new jumpsuits or a little black dress. 

Sims Drive In Movie

Functional Drive-In Movie Screen

There are so many really neat, a lot of activity-focused items such as gaming stations, club items, casino tables, and a drive-in movie theater screen.  With these objects, it is no wonder the new builds in this collab are rocking! We have your Sims covered on their Nightlife activities that is for sure!

Sims 4 Decorations

Decorative item by Sim_Man123

Of course, there are plenty of decorative and clutter items.  Lots of fun lights, signs, and decor included within this collab.  Yes, there are also neon light & signs! Your Sims are going to be no doubt in the best-decorated bedrooms after these items release.

Perfect Night Items

There are several packs of murals for all different occasions and Sims, including for kids and toddlers.  This Kids Night Sky Mural set would make for a perfect nursery mural!

Sim Kids beroom

Lots of windows and build items coming out as well.  These windows are amazing and many of them can be pieced together for lots of fun building!

New Sims 4 Windows

New windows

Celebrity Inspired Sim

Celebrity Inspired Cher Sim

There is a wide variety of Sims in The Perfect Night collab including some entertainers and vampires.  You should be able to easily recognize these Sims as their inspirations are super famous, like Cher for example.  There is also a Vampire set inspired from the popular movie Interview with the Vampire.

Interview with The  Vampire Inpsirired Sim

Frog Princess Riverboat Restaurant

Frog Princess Inspired Riverboat Restaurant

The builds in this collab are absolutely incredible.  Fully functional restaurants, clubs, and more.  There are also new bedrooms for those of us who really enjoy some extra beauty sleep. These lots and rooms are decorated and designed at the highest level of detail.  Your Sims are going to have the most fun at these lots and we can’t wait to see what your Sims do for their own Perfect Nights.

Sims Hotel Bedroom

5 Star Hotel Bedroom


This collab starts TODAY (June 23rd) and new items will continue to be released until the 30th of June.  Some of these items will be made VIP access, so if you are not VIP and you want to get access to these items right away sign up HERE. (Yes there is a special offer!!) If you are not a VIP the items will be available publicly after seven days.  The release will start with CAS items and then move to Objects, Sims, and Builds.

Casino Poses

Casino Poses

So what are you going to do with all this new CC?  What is your Perfect Night?  Make sure to show us or let us know via Social Media! Don’t forget to keep us bookmarked to stay up to date on all things Sims!

Perfect night

Check out The Perfect Night Youtube preview HERE

Sim Summer Fashion at The Sims Resource

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