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Room Reno #9: Retro Kawaii Bedroom

Welcome back to Room Reno #9 here at The Sims Resource! Today we’re helping a Sim who wants to turn her bland bedroom into a magical oasis. Let’s meet her!

Meet Jo!

Jo recently bought a house in Oasis Springs and is mostly loving it! The one problem is…Jo loves color. As an artist, she wants her house to reflect her inner world and be bright and cheerful and most of all, cute. And the house she bought? Pretty much the opposite of that. Jo may be an “adult”, but she loves all things cute, and pink, and plush, and–you get the idea. Let’s turn Jo’s bedroom from drab to fab!

The Before

Jo’s new bedroom is nearly square, but has a little more length than width. The walls are a (no offense) kind of terrible green shade–I think this color could work in a different setting or as an accent wall, but contrasted with the blue and black furniture and pink wall hanging it just doesn’t go together well. Also, the mirrors are mismatched…and it doesn’t feel intentional. One feature I do like is the floor-to-ceiling windows on the front wall, which bring a lot of natural light into the space. Let’s get into planning!

The Planning

There were three large furniture pieces I had to fit in Jo’s room: a bed, a desk, and a dresser. I wanted to place the bed facing the door to help free up the wall across from it to fit a large desk (since Jo loves to game). I also planned to swap the two tile door to a one tile so that I could place a dresser on the left wall. Placing an easel next to the bed and in front of the window was an easy decision–that way, Jo could look outside while she painted and get inspired by her environment! Let’s check out the after.

The After

Here’s Jo’s finished room! I think it turned out absolutely adorable and very true to the retro kawaii style. My favorite decor piece might be the Lisa Frank wall decorations hanging over the desk–Lisa Frank has iconic and adorable designs and placing them in Jo’s room brought me right back to my childhood. I also love the metal easel, which is modern without taking away from the cuteness of the space. In the future I can’t wait to see Jo’s career take off even further while she works from her kawaii bedroom!

Rainbow Dreams Bedroom Accordion Wall Rack Tree Table Decor Unicorn Wall Stickers Bios PC (two monitors) Retro Pixel Art Kawaii Breakfast Clutter
Athena Easel Nerf This Rug Table Mirror Kawaii Wall Art Lisa Frank Dolphin Art ACNH Photo Calendar Pure Morning Curtain

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