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The House Episode 4 CC Highlights

Carla from the house

We hope you enjoyed The House Episode 4 – The Sister, that released on June 19th, 2021.  In this episode, Carlos’s sister Carla and her pup Mango come for a visit.  Of course as one can only imagine, Carla and Jayden get along perfectly… (please insert large amounts of sarcasm here).  Regardless of the amazing drama that unfolds, you are here to for your WCIF (Where Can I Find) needs! As always everything you see here is directly from the artists here at The Sims Resource!

House drama

Carla Martinez

Carla from The House

Carla does not approve

We are going to go ahead and start with our new character Carla.  Carla is very fashionable and definitely high maintenance in her look. She has almost as many links as Kendall or Jayden for her general look.  Actually, I take that back…. she has more.  So you get it Carla is materialistic even if it is not one of her three primary traits.  I really wanted Carla to pull off this bad gal vibe, so I selected some stylish denim pieces that even though they are from separate artists they match quite well.  Carla obviously needed accessories, piercings, and a super high ponytail.  Then what bad girl vibe is complete without red stilettos.

Carla CC

Carla from The House

Hairstyle Eyebrows Eyelashes Eyes Nails
Piercing #1 Piercing #2 Earrings Bracelet Watch
Ring Eyeshadow Eyeliner Lipstick Contour
Top Bottoms Shoes Skin Piercing #3


Jayden from the House

In episode 4 it is clear that Jayden is trying to dress nicely and very fashionable.  She wears a lovely deep red jumpsuit showing off her fit physique.  This jumpsuit is paired with gold accessories and delicate sandals.  Jayden’s hair is also neatly put up and braided for this episode.  Jayden may have seen some photos of Carla from her social media accounts and wanted to modify her style a bit to impress Carla or show she is the most fashionable.

Jayden CC


Carlos from The House

For episode 4 Carlos is still in his loose deep V-cut shirts, but his style is a bit more relaxed.  The shirt is also brightly colored and the pants are a bit looser than normal.  Not sure if he is relaxing more or overworked with his work project and visit from his sister all at the same time. Actually, I take that back… Carlos looks pretty stressed here. Which one do you think is more stressful family popping in for a visit or overworked?

Carlos CC

Carlos’s Top & Bottoms


Sunny from The House

Sunny appears to be a bit more dressed up than usual.  I wonder what could be behind all this… well I think it is pretty clear that the level of fashion that is brought by the other members of The House is starting to rub off on her.  She still has her bright patterns and relaxed hairstyle, but she got a little fancy for episode 4!

Sunny CC
Sunny from the House

Sunny’s Hair, Outfit, & Shoes


Vin from the house

Vin might be feeding off of Sunny’s bright print vibes.  Sure they do love purple, but this is the second episode that Vin is found wearing tropical prints.  Vin and Sunny do spend a lot of time so maybe we will see some fashion changes in the future.

Vin CC
Vin from the House

Vin’s Top & Bracelet


Snow from the House

Snow’s styling in episode 4 is quite possibly my most favorite styling of them.  Snow is still seen in blues but has a bit more color and vibrance, specifically in that gorgeous hairstyle.  The leather pants and converse inspired shoes were a gamble, but I think it paid off to make the whole relaxed but stylish look complete for Snow.

Snow CC


Vin & Devon from The House

Devon is all about comfortable workout attire… all day long.  I think he lives to eat and work out.  Sounds like a dream to me. Anyways… Devon and Vin are hanging out a lot in episode 5 and Devon matches, could it be a coincidence? Probably we all know Vin loves to help anyone and everyone with a good old makeover!  Just say the words and Vin appears out of nowhere.  Devon looks sportingly good with his friend’s help for sure!

Devon CC
Devon from The House

Devon’s Top, Bottom, & Shoes

Kendall & Eva

Kendall from The House

In The House Episode 4, Kendall and Evelynn go to visit their mom.  Of course, their mom is super well-known and famous in the Sim world, so Kendall and Eva are dressed up to go home for a bit and spend some time with Mom.  Don’t worry they will be back in the next episode. Kendall cannot stay with her mom that long!

Kendall CC
Eva CC
Evelynn from The House

Eva’s Outfit & Shoes


Mango from The House

The adorable… fluffy… vicious… MANGO! He has no CC on him but just taking the time to say awwww so cute.

The Swimsuits

In Episode 4 we have some smoking hot one-piece swimsuits.  Jayden may have found some fashion competition as Carla has some style and is not afraid to show some skin! Jayden is in a bold red swimsuit like normal with lots of skin showing.  Carla is in a tightly fitted one-piece that turns into a work of art on her.  The colors matched her hair perfectly which was the selling point of this suit.

The House Episode 4


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