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Summer Swimwear

It is about time to make a splash! What better way to attend that opening pool party than with some Summer Swimwear!  Here at The Sims Resource, we have swimwear for ALL of your Sims! There is so much swimwear here on The Sims Resource that you may need to empty your CC basket several times!

Toddler & Childrens’ Swimwear

A need for great family swim time is that all Sims are properly outfitted in the proper swimwear.  Toddler and Child Sims here at The Sims Resource has plenty of options for swimwear that are both cute and stylish! Several artists here at The Sims Resource create a great deal of toddler and child CC. They all have great options for swimwear!

Masculine Swimwear

The great thing about The Sim Resource is that many different artists upload their creations. Some of them specialize in masculine CC.  This is always an area that Simmers seems to struggle with CC options. However, here at The Sims Resource, we have LOTS of swimwear options for your masculine Sims.  We have everything from fitness swimwear,  boardshorts, or skimpy briefs.  Take your pick or be like me and download it all!

Feminine Swimwear

Sims, Teen to Elder, will be swimming in the swimwear we have here at The Sims Resource.  The swimwear here varies in type, and there are a lot of options to select from.  Your Sims will look fashionable and ready for all their summer swimwear needs.  There are plenty of Alpha CC and Maxis Match CC options, and you can always mix and match with two-piece separates.

One-Piece or Two-Piece?

Regardless of whether you want a one-piece or two-piece swimsuit for your Sims, here at The Sims Resource, we have you completely covered.  So many options for swimsuits.  For two-piece swimsuits, you can find plenty of traditional bikinis and way more.  We have microkinis, tankinis, bandeau bikinis, tankinis, triangle bikinis, fringe bikinis, and much more.  One-piece swimwear is also in no short supply; halter swimsuits, crossovers, retro suits, strapless, one shoulder, and lots more.

I usually go with a two-piece swimsuit with a fancy top like D.O. Lilac’s Top 109.  I also love a good animal print and halter top, so this particular swim top really a really good pick for me.  I also really like lace-up one-pieces, deep-neck one-pieces, and monokinis.  To be honest, I really just download pretty much everything here on The Sims Resource. What can I say… I like to have a lot of options.


Ok, so we have clearly established that there is a lot of swimwear here at The Sims Resource and that I am a CC hoarder.  Hopefully, you can find some new CC for your Sims to get their swim on with this blog! So DIVE on in and get that CC Basket full of sizzling swimwear!

Swimwear for all

Just a note that sometimes, even though the swimwear will be viewed as a two-piece, it may be set as an outfit rather than a top and bottoms.  So if you cannot find your swimsuit make sure you look in the full-body outfit and the separates. Another tip would be to take off the swimwear filter, this typically gives you more options as some things you may want might be classified as sleepwear or athletic wear, and you want all the options!

*Image on Social Media features Jaru Sims’ Crocheted Lace Bodysuit, S-Club’s WM Hat 202002, and KatverseCC’s Summer 02 CAS Background.

Patch Notes: May 27th, 2021

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