Patch Notes: May 27th, 2021

It’s that time again! Patch Notes are up for today’s new update. In preparation for Dream Home Decorator, coming out on June 1st, this patch brings a few content changes, as well as the Likes and Dislikes system that will be so crucial for gigs in the new pack.

PC: / Mac:
Console: Version 1.42
Bunk Bed Placement

This patch brings updates to the functionality of what and how items can be placed under bunk beds. Items such as:

– Single Beds
– Double Beds
– Dressers
– Desks
– Loveseats (2-tile)
– Living Chairs

These items can be placed under top-bunks for added flexibility in your decorating! (And perfect for dorms!) Items can also be placed perpendicularly at different angles than the top bunk.

A desk at a 90 degree angle underneath of a bunk bed

Likes and Dislikes

Sims can now have up to 20 different likes/dislikes. The first three categories coming with the patch are Color, Activities, and Music. An exclusive category coming with Dream Home Decorator will be Decor style.

“Unless directed to do so, Sims will tend to avoid – or do the bare minimum of – Activities they Dislike. Sims will generally want to autonomously do Activities they Like and will similarly get an added mood boost from doing these things.”

Also note that these likes and dislikes can happen during gameplay – for example, when a sim plays video games and is a really good mood, you’ll get a dialog asking if you want your sim to add “video games” to their liked activities.  The same can happen if a sim is in a particularly bad mood, you may see prompts asking if you want them to dislike that activity.

You can change your sims’ Likes and dislikes from within Create-A-Sim at any time.

We also have multiple new interactions that have been added to help discover these traits – “Ask About Favorite Color,” for example.

New Hair Colors

The Sims team has added six new hair colors!

These new hair colors will not be automatically added to your Custom Hair. Hair colors are defined by custom textures that are mesh-specific, so creators will have to individually update their hair by creating textures to match these colors if they wish to include them. This is not something that can be done with an automated batch-fix.

Bug Fixes

As always, there has been a lot of various bug fixes and glitches that have been resolved. Here over here to check out the full list.

Some notable highlights:

– Babies are now consistently their correct skin tone. Icons etc will no longer display them as a different skin tone/color.

– Sims will no longer autonomously cook food forever!

– Sims will now actively go for leftovers when hungry instead of cooking new food all of the time.

– Specific Error Codes: 102:eb3376f3:a777e5d8 and 109:812fe7cb:f1565180 have both been solved

– Plopsy is now functioning correctly. Get craftin’!

– Bust The Dust “clean surroundings” moodlet has been tweaked to be… not quite as overwhelming.

After you update your game, you may have various issues with Custom Content. There is also strong likelihood that many mods are going to be broken.

Finally, if you find any content on The Sims Resource that is either no longer functioning or is having issues after the patch, please use the “Report This Creation” button and provide an overview of the problems that you are having.  For content not on TSR, you’ll have to reach out to the original creator to determine what their plans are to fix it.

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