Dream Home Decorator

Dream Home Decorator is on the way! Releasing on June 1st, this pack brings TONS of content to the builders! Did you catch the live stream? If not, check it out!

This pack looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun, in turning the builder style of gameplay into… actual gameplay!

Once your sims are in the Home Decorator career, it’s time to get to work and pick up some gigs!

There are four different types of gigs that your sims can take:

  • Room Renovations
  • Room Additions
  • Level Renovations
  • Level Additions

Each type of gig comes with different requirements and benefits. The “renovations” are the more limited option, where the goal is more along the lines of just redecorating the space. The “additions” give you more freedom with building and removing walls versus the renovations.

Rooms are focused on one single space, where levels are the entire floor/level of the building.


The Gig panel shows you the pertinent details for your current gig.

The “reputation” and “performance” meters are standard from the normal careers. (They are also persistent between gigs!)

The four question marks are the information that you’ve learned about your client – and the amount of these “clues” that you’ll have available will depend on your skill level. Sims will initially only have three available clues to start with.

There are 52 different gigs that can generate (think “renovate bedroom” or “add closet”) but they will generate randomly for any sims that are living in your world, and the likes/dislikes are pulled from a mix of all Sims in the household, so you’ll probably never see the same gig twice!

Lastly, there are the standard tasks that you must perform for gigs listed down towards the bottom.

Once you hop over into build mode, this panel will automatically pop up so that you can keep up with your gig, without having to swap back to Live Mode.

Restrictions can be things like the room or floor, or even things like tile limits.

Also pay close attention to the budget – the budget will increase as you sell the sims’ old belongings. Going over budget is… probably not great.

Likes and Dislikes

There is a new button in CAS for “Likes” and “Dislikes” that will be the influence of the client information for gigs.

Some of the Likes and Dislikes will be available in the next free patch update, including Colors, Activities, and Music. The first exclusive Like/Dislike will be Decor Styles, which are locked to Dream Home Decorator.

Likes/Dislikes are limited to 20 total, split between all categories. You can set all 20 from within Create-A-Sim, but you can also earn them through gameplay.

The in-game dialog confirming a sim acquiring a new Like through gameplay

New Content!

There is a TON of new build mode content!

New Buy Mode objects

There are two new themes of content, both kind of Scandinavian-Mid-Century, with one being more angular, and the other being more rounded. Swatches across both sets of furniture are said to match fairly well with each other.

This includes two new FULL kitchens, and separate stove/range appliances!

(Having a pool in the middle of kitchen – perfect)

We also have sectionals!

Sectional Couch

There are two styles of sectionals – both fully modular, and each comes with 8 pieces for building almost any shape!

Sofa spelled out by sectionals

Dream Home Decorator releases for all platforms on June 1st, 2021! Head on over here to EA’s new page to check out what it’s like to live your life in the Dream Home Decorator style!

We’ll have a full pack review coming once the pack is available.

Can’t wait? Check out Paige’s Room Reno series – it’s the perfect precursor until we can get in there and start redesigning these spaces ourselves!

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