Styling TSR Clothes In Real Life


Have you ever looked at your closet and thought that dressing Sims is so much easier than dressing yourself? After several weeks months a year of living in pajamas, putting together outfits feels impossible on some days (real pants? what are those?). To help with my struggles, I decided to style some TSR clothes in real life–if it looks good on my Simself, it’s probably cute in real life too. Let’s check out what I found!

Rose Colored Outfit

My Sim is wearing a two piece set by Saliwa (made up of an adorable ruched top and a matching flowy skirt) with a pair of Summer Sandals by DarkNighTt and a half-up hairdo by TsminhSims. For the real life outfit, I used a two-piece gingham set from American Eagle and a pair of silver Birkenstock Arizona sandals. I love how summery this outfit is! It would also be easy to mix and match with other CC (or real life clothing!). Matching sets are incredibly versatile and I would absolutely recommend downloading them for your Sims and/or purchasing them for your summer wardrobe!

Classic Summer

Every classic summer outfit needs a good pair of jean shorts, am I right? The Michelle Shorts by Puresim made the perfect base for the look. I combined it with a yellow floral tank by Pinkfizzzzz. Once again I used the Summer Sandals by DarkNighTt–I wear Birkenstock Arizonas pretty much every day if I can help it, and I wanted my SimSelf to match. I put my Sim in a curly high pony by SonyaSimsCC to finish off the in-game look. In real life, I used a gold pair of Arizona sandals in this outfit to coordinate with the yellow flowers in the tank top, which is the Crop Cami from American Eagle. I completed the outfit with a pair of Denim Mom shorts, also from American Eagle.

Sunflower Dreams

When I stumbled upon this Daisy Dress by busra-tr and realized I had just bought a very similar dress the week before, I was SO excited–it actually inspired this entire blog on making irl styles out of TSR clothes! Florals have been one of my favorite recent trends and the pastel, muted tones of both of these dresses are incredibly dainty and pretty. For the hair, I used a messy bun by Leah Lillith. I paired these dresses with (what else?) the Summer Sandals. If y’all are annoyed with me over this, just remember that Birkenstocks are a neutral–they go with everything 😉.

Graphic Tee Realness

Time for pants! I love a long, flowy pair of pants that give definition at the waist, especially when paired with a graphic tee. This set by Black Lily does exactly that! Once again I used the Summer Sandals (don’t @ me) and a wavy, loose hairstyle by S-Club. In real life it turns out I didn’t have a black graphic tee so I swapped it for a white Rose Apothecary shirt instead. To tie the black back in, I used a black belt with silver accents. I then completed the outfit with my silver Arizona Birkenstocks. I love how easily a tee shirt can be dressed up with a good pair of wide leg pants.

Pretty in Pastel

Our final outfit is a simple, soft spring look. I put my Sim in a blouse by Pixelette and a floral skirt by laupipi. She’s wearing wedge sandals by DallasGirl and loose, wavy hair by SonyaSims. In real life, I used a Primark sweater in pastel blue (I couldn’t find one in white) and a blue and white floral skirt from American Eagle. The wedge sandals are from bass and are surprisingly comfortable for heels (I say this as someone who barely knows how to walk in heels).

Thank you for reading today’s blog where I styled TSR clothes in real life! I hope you enjoyed it, and if you did feel free to check out Making A House out of TSR Rooms and Room Reno: Animal Crossing Inspired Build. Liked these outfits? Keep your eyes out for a very fun blog where I dress like my Simself for a week 😀


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