Making a House out of ONLY TSR Rooms

See this house? Looks pretty average, right? Maybe a bit dependent on the windows that came with Seasons (I have an addiction to those windows don’t @ me), but a pretty standard Sims house. Sure doesn’t look like I made the house out of only TSR artist rooms…

Oh, cute! Rocking chairs on the porch. How sweet. What a nice, normal house for normal Sims…until you see the floor plan.

There’s…a lot going on here. Let me explain. I wanted to build an entire, functional Sims house out of only rooms made by artists here on TSR. The one issue…the rooms are pretty funky shapes. So it took a lot of experimenting and fidgeting to even get the lot to be functional, let alone looking normal-ish. Let’s go through the rooms I used on the first floor one at a time, so you can get a better look at how pretty they are (regardless of my terrible floor plan skills).

Living Room

This is the living room! The Althea Living Room by melapples is a stylish and chic living area with an L-shaped couch, gold accents, and plants all around. I love the color scheme in this room (which is actually intended for use in the 20 Culpepper apartments) as well as the furniture, which has been artfully placed using the ‘alt’ key. This room is lovely and made a great entryway to the house, even if it wasn’t originally intended to be one.


This lovely kitchen is the Eupalin Kitchen by marychabb. I picked this kitchen because I love the neutral tone of the wood and how it’s used all over the kitchen. Combined with the plants, it has a very earthy and natural feel that I just adore. The decor items, especially the small items on the counters and island, bring a lot of charm to the room and make it feel “lived-in” which is one of my favorite decor styles.


The charming little office space in the house is the Eco Pinecrest Office by xogerardine. I wanted an office space that wouldn’t be too big (it fits squarely in the middle of the floor plan) but that stayed bright and airy feeling since it doesn’t have any windows. Between the adorable desk


The first floor bathroom is xogerardine’s 701 Zenview Bathroom. This bathroom was originally intended for the 701 Zenview apartment (can you tell from the name?) and is a compact bathroom as such. I loved the little plant stool in the room as well as the paintings over the toilet–they’re so tiny and adorable! This space is very simple but was the perfect first floor bathroom for this house.

Guest Bedroom

Looking for a guest bedroom? Look no further! This house’s guest space is the Retro Bedroom 2 by MychQQQ. I’ve gotten to use a lot of the Retro Reboot collection that TSR did a few months ago, but being able to see a fully curated room full of retro items is so wonderful. I like to think of this room as a place for a grandparent to stay–it can remind them of the “old days” while they’re away from home. The wallpaper might be the most underrated part of this room; it’s colorful and bold without being overwhelming.


For the outdoor space, I’ve used the Stunning Deck created by lotsbymanal. When I first started the endeavor to find rooms that I could use for my TSR artist house, I knew I wanted to feature an outdoor space. While they aren’t technically “rooms”, they’re beautiful and bring new life to otherwise bland outdoor spaces. I love the colorful rugs in this area and how the throw pillows tie in with them, as well as the rope swing hanging from the deck’s roof–it adds some boho charm to the design that I just adore.

Now for the upstairs floor plan, which is smaller but no less strange:
Yes, the bathroom is not linked to the hallway at all. Yes, that would be a nightmare to actually live in. No, I will not be repenting for my building sins. Let’s go through the upstairs rooms:

Master Bedroom

The Gray Elegance Master Bedroom by Lhonna was the perfect choice for this build (ignore my door placement in the above photo–that was for functionality reasons, *not* style). This room is HUGE–the photo above only captures half of it. Not only is there a double bed and a fireplace, there’s an entire sitting area with a TV and copious amounts of plants. My favorite part is probably the wall plants that trail nearly all the way down behind the master bed.

Teen Bedroom

When I saw this bedroom, I knew I had to use it: it’s the Paige Bedroom by melapples! Not only is this bedroom named after me (not actually, I just like to think it is), but it’s a true gamer girl abode complete with neon signs and a huge L-shaped desk. I love the mostly neutral colors contrasted with the bright neon signs and art, as well as how the room manages to feel like the darkened gamer cave of my dreams.

Shared Bathroom

For the jack and jill style bathroom upstairs, I used MychQQQ’s Retro Bathroom 2. This bathroom is very bright and clean feeling and really captures the best parts of vintage bathroom design. By keeping the colors bright, the room feels big despite being pretty small, and the appliances are all organized ideally for the space. The pinky coral accent color is probably my favorite part–it gives the room a slightly beachy feel.

I hope you enjoyed this wacky experiment of me trying to build an entire house out of only TSR artist rooms! If you’re in the mood for more blogs, check out my Animal Crossing inspired build and the Shadow and Bone lookbook. Thanks for reading!

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