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The House – Episode 3 CC Highlights

The House relaxing on the beach

Have you seen the newest episode yet? Of course, you want those links to all that great CC you are seeing in episode 3! All the links in this Episode 3 CC Highlights are all from here at The Sims Resource.  So get out your Download Basket, as we check out who wore what in Episode 3.

The House Episode 3 CC Highlight

Episode 3 Location

For Episode 3 The House members are still at Jayden’s Villa in Sulani.  Finding a home for eight unique Sims is a bit of a challenge, but it looks as if in Episode 4 we might have a house for The House.  The Villa used in Episode 3 is the Sulani Beach Villa by Sarina_Sims.


If you have not noticed Jayden is always dressed in a chic trendy style and always looks great.  As a former fashion model and now fashion industry leader, she radiates style.  Her main outfit in episode 3 is Camuflaje’s Porfa Romper.  Rompers are super comfy and because of this, they are totally going to be in this Summer! You can expect to see The House rocking more rompers!  Jayden is also seen with a different style of hair in episode 3, which is Feral Poodles’ Charlotte Hair.

Jayden from The House Episode 3 CC Highlight


Carlos in episode 3 is making some extra effort to look fashionable, I wonder who he is trying to impress.  Typically Carlos wears tight-fitting pants that are tear-resistant with low cut or open shirts.  Occasionally when he is not working you will see him wearing shorts.  Carlos is trying to really rock some stylish beach vibes in Belal1997’s Estaban Top and Shorts.

Carlos from The House


Sunny is always ready to embrace and enjoy the wonders of outside life.  As a former fitness model and outdoor lover, she is usually dressed in activewear or clothing that is easy to move around in.  In contrast to Jayden who generally wears solids, Sunny is typically seen in brightly colored patterns.  In episode 3 Sunny is sporting Paogae’s Tropical Sportswear.

Sunny from The House Episode 3


One of the best-dressed house members is clearly Vin.  Vin like Kendall and Jayden lives for fashion, well, and art; so they are constantly trying new styles, Vin is not afraid to mix colors, patterns, styles, or any aspect of fashion.   For episode 3 Vin is wearing Saliwa’s Men Spring Floral Top paired with CherryBerrrySim’s Spring Swim Shorts.

Vin from the House Episode 3


Evelyn or Eva loves to look nice but still stay comfortable.  As someone who has grown up in the public eye, Eva learned from her mother Judith to always dress nice, clean, and fashionable.  Eva loves pastel colors and floral prints and it is no wonder she selected Ekinege’s Scoop Neck Long Sleeve Mini Dress for episode 3.  This mini dress has lovely patterns and solids swatches and is a versatile item in Eva’s closet.

Evelyn from The House Episode 3


Kendall is known for her bold sense of fashion and ability to express her individuality.  Like Vin, we are not really sure if it is just luck that contributes to her success, or if there is actually a method to the madness. With Kendall, clothing is too restrictive, or so she says, “Clothes are for the weak!”  For episode 3 Kendall is rocking one of her favorite designers, mermaladesimtr in their Marble Print Bodycon Dress. 

Kendall from The House Episode 3


Devon is all about comfort, which makes sense giving his hobbies; eating, cooking, and working out.  Devon is the only house member that does not really care about how he dresses and sometimes he does not always match.  For episode 3 Devon is taking vacation relaxing seriously in CherryBerrySim’s Oliver Shirt and KaTPurpura’s Ash pants.

Devon from The House Episode 3 CC Highlight


OH look another Romper fan! Snow is definitely a fan of the Twinkle Romper by Nords.  This romper is perfect for hot weather and is loose in fit but still very flattering for all figures.  Snow is very picky about their clothing and likes darker tones; because of this they are usually is seen in blue or black tones.  They have always been looked at as a trendsetter by many of their friends, as Snow definitely has a style of their own.

Snow from The House Episode 3 CC Highlight

Dress on the Mannequin

The Toriana Dress by Turksimmer was perfect for the white dress on the mannequin in episode 3.  This dress has a lot of details and offers a super classy high fashion design, which is perfect for Jayden.  Given the color and the texture, one can only imagine how bad it would stain and how hard the dress would be to clean it up.

Toriana Dress


We hope you see some CC that you want to add to your collection!  You may see swatch differences from the CC in the episodes to the images, this is to highlight more of the CC and to make sure that you get your House CC links as soon as possible!  We will keep updating you on The House CC highlights so that you can continue to download all of this great CC from The Sims Resource!

If you missed the first House Fashion Blog you can find it HERE or if you want to check out the character introductions you can find them HERE. Missed The House Episode 2? You can find it HERE.

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