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10 Cute Summer Accessories

Are you enjoying your Summer?  Well, you may have forgotten that your Sims need Summer Vacations too! Before you go dashing off to the beach in a hurry, here are 10 Cute Summer Accessories for your Sims! 

Needing Male or Toddler CC? Don’t worry I have included accessories for all ages and genders of Sims!

#1 – Kelly Sunglasses by Feyona

Sim toddler and Child CC

These sunglasses come in a variety of ‘shades’ and have a vibrant look for your Sims.  These Glasses are super detailed and have a nice exposed gold frame holding together.  The one super neat element about the Kelly Sunglasses is that they come in three sizes.  Yes, you heard that right Toddler, Child, and then Teen-Elder.  

#2 – Avant Sunglasses by Suzue

Cute Summer Accessory

The Avant Sunglasses are your all-around crowd-pleasing sunglasses.  They come in ten swatches and have an enclosed frame.  These Sunglasses are a bit darker than a lot of other Sunglasses, so if you and your Sim fam are going somewhere super bright, these are a great selection.  The Avant Sunglasses are available for both male and female Sims and ALL ages of Sims! The sunglasses even have a version for wearing the glasses on the top of your Sims head.

#3 – Design Square Sunglasses by DarkNightT

Sims Summer Accessory Glasses

If your Sim needs to make a bold fashion statement show up wearing the Design Square Sunglasses.  These big designer frames are sure to make a fashion statement.  The Design Square Sunglasses are a perfect match for more high fashion beach and summer looks.  The sunglasses come in ten colors and are sized from teen-elder Sims.  

#4 – Beach Pareo & Summer Pareo by Dissia

Sim Cute Summer Accessories

Need a cover-up to run to the beach shop… but the store requires pants? No worries Dissia has you ‘covered!’  You can download the Beach Pareo and Summer Pareo as great stylish options for your Sims.  The Summer Pareo comes in thirty-two swatches and the Beach Pareo in twenty-five swatches.  Both Pareos come as a left bracelet accessory and are fitted Teen – Elder

#5 – DSF Accessorie Ankle Bracelet

Sim Cute Summer Accessories

Get that full beach look with DanSimFantasy’s Accessorie Ankle Bracelet! This cute ankle bracelet has a starfish charm and lots of seashells to really complete your Summer Beach look!  The ankle bracelet even is stacked with three bracelets, which is super trendy right now. This accessory is labeled as a left ring and comes in twelve different swatches!  

#6 – Sugar Owl’s Starfish AccessorIES

Sims 4 Accessories

Sugar Owl has a collection of Starfish accessories that was recently released.  In the Teen – Elder age bracket there a full set of are hoop earrings, a ring, and a bracelet.  Each piece of the Starfish Accessories comes in ten swatches and all are HQ compatible.  Sugar Owl also created a set of Starfish Earrings for child sims, so your Sims can totally match accessories!

#7 – Sydney Hair Flower Accessory by Qicc

Sims 4 Hair Accessory

Need some flowers in your hair for your full Summer vibe? Well, Qicc has the perfect hairstyle and accessories for you, the Syndey Hair Set!  Not only are the long loose curls perfect for your summer look, but you can add flowers to your Sims hairstyle!  These bold and bright little flowers fit evenly throughout the hair giving your teen-adult Sims a nice light and bright floral summer look.  

#8 – Wide-Brimmed Hat with Flower by MysteriousOo

A nice wide-brimmed hat is an essential component for keeping the sun out off of your delicate skin.  Hats are also a great way to add more style to your look, and your child Sims will be styling with the Wide-brimmed hat with flower by MysteriousOo.  This hat comes in nine swatches and has a nice white band and matching flower, perfect for adding a fun color pop to your Child Sims’ Summer attire!

#9 – Visor Hat by OranosTR

Sim Lifeguard

The Visor Hat by OranosTR is a Summer accessory essential!  This hat can be worn for so many different looks! Take a lifeguard, for example, this visor fits perfectly to keep the sun and hair out of your Sims face, while still looking stylish in these bold fourteen swatches!  The Visor Hat is a unisex item for teen-elder Sims.  

#10 – Sun Hat Dani by Jaru-Sims

Sim Sun Hat

If you are looking for a nice light Sun hat for your Sims Summer look, check out Jaru Sims’ Sun Hat Dani.  There are two different types one pastel version and one darker color version.  I really like the staw color and white hat the best, so I downloaded both versions and each version has fourteen different swatches… that is a lot of hat options!


Sims 4 Summer

Your Sims are sure to be fashionable with these 10 Cute Summer Accessories! If you would like to read more blogs about fashion here at The Sims Resource check out our  Children & Toddler Spring Fashion, Cow Print Fashion, and  Cottagecore Lookbook Blogs!

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