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Room Reno #12: Art Deco Dining Room

Welcome back to Room Reno #12 here at The Sims Resource! Today we’re helping a couple who wants to turn their tiny dining room into a spacious, art deco retreat. Let’s meet them!

Meet the Strongs!

Rebecca and Mark Strong are the proud parents of three lovely children–the youngest of whom just graduated from Britechester University! Since they are now empty nesters, the couple has moved to a smaller home to save money as well as to spend more time together away from the busy suburb they used to live in. They love their new house, other than the very bland, very tiny dining room. The couple love to entertain and have requested that their renovated space feature a bar as well as a large dining table. Let’s see what we’re working with!

The Before

So, the Strongs’ new dining room is shaped…oddly, to say the least. The long, skinny shape means that fitting all the objects they want in here along with decorations is going to be a tight squeeze. I definitely want to add some sort of shelving unit in the room to increase storage space as well as to help draw the eye up towards the ceiling, making it feel larger. I also want to close off the wall leading to the next room over in order to make the space feel like an intimate place to gather. Let’s get planning!

The Planning

When looking at the room, I knew I wanted to place the bar in the back corner. I then decided to put shelving behind it, in order to have space for bar supplies and decor items that can be seen from around the space. The table is going to have a central spot simply because…I have nowhere else to put it since the room is so small. The new archway is going to go on the extended wall between the front door and the stairs, changing the shape of the space without making it too closed off. Let’s get into building!

The After

I’m in love with how the Strong’s dining room turned out! The wallpaper is probably my favorite big part of the room–I don’t normally go for bold patterns, but this one is both beautiful and fits the room’s theme perfectly! I also love the  rug in the center of the room because of how it appears to be an intricate piece of stone on the floor itself. I added a few plants to the room to help bring a sense of life to it (my one issue with the art deco style is that it can occasionally feel a bit too ornamental for my tastes). All in all I’m incredibly happy with this renovation!

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Thanks for checking out Room Reno #12: Art Deco Dining Room! If you liked it, be sure to check out Room Reno #11 or learn about the mystery of Bella Goth. Looking for something else? Read our In The Heights inspired lookbook or a guide to the Cottage Living Livestream.

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