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Magnolia Tours – Sims 4 Park Lots

Hello and welcome back to our Sims 4 Lot Tour series! In this blog, we are going to check out some fantastic Sims 4 Park lots! Every lot you see in this blog is available to download here at The Sims Resource.

Magnolia Tours

Why Magnolia Tours? Well, it is part of the name of a park in The Sims 4.  I love flowers, and parks usually have plants and flowers.  With it being Summer for me here in the USA, parks are super popular.  (especially the pools and water parks!) Parks are a great place to have a bit of time outside and enjoy time with family or just to relax.

Tour Guide

For this tour, your guides will be Adira & Amira, a mother and daughter team looking for the perfect park.  Adria is an Interior Decorator, so she has a good eye for design.  Adira is looking for a nice park that she can take her daughter to, and she can sit back and relax outside and maybe read a quiet book.  She also loves music and lots of colors. Amira is an active child who loves to swim and be outdoors.  I am sure with the lots from artists here at The Sims Resource, these two will find plenty of perfect parks!

The Parks

Some of these lots are traditional parks, while others are not.  Pay close to the size of the lots as most of the time I find that I like the big lots for parks, but only have so many 64×64 spots in the world to place them. I made sure to pick lots of all sizes, I would say all of these parks are for medium(30×40) to large lots (64×64), but there is a decent variety.

#1 the Pirate Park by lotsbymanal

This is a gorgeous themed park lot and is the perfect addition to Brindleton Bay! With the coastal city theme of the neighborhood, a Pirate park works just perfectly for all the kids in the area.  This park has plenty of kid and toddler-friendly activities including playground equipment, art stations, monkey bars, swings, games, food, and of course a pirate ship!

Pirate Park

Adira & Amira were super excited about this park… but it rained the entire time they were there!  But they got a great look at it and are definitely going to go back as soon as the weather breaks!

#2 Mysterious Park by Daunta720

The Mysterious Park is exactly what it says… Mysterious and full of secrets.  This park is more suited for those sims brave enough to unlock its secrets.  The park has a lot of adult sim entertainment and plenty of places to relax.  It is also quite scenic and works well in Oasis Springs and StrangerVille.  The landscaping is quite lovely and fits like a desert oasis.

Sim Park

#3 Bohemian Park by Evi

Filled with color and activities the Bohemian Park by Evi is a place for the entire family.  Sims like Adira will feel right at home here, and there are quite a few cozy places to sit.  The park also had plenty of places to sit and read and lots of activities for Amira.  Might not be the quietest park when it is busy, but it sure is pretty! Adira and Amira spent several hours at the Bohemian Park.

Beautiful Sim Park

#4 Waterpark by Summerr Plays

What is there not to love about a Water Park? This gorgeous lot fits right into your Del Sol Valley neighborhood and is full of things for kids and adults.  Swimming pools are always a crowd-pleaser with families.  Adira found plenty of places to relax while Amira swam around and they both got to cool off at this park. And… there is even Hot Tub and food!

Sim Water Park

#5 Spring Park by LotsbyManal

Spring Park was Adira’s favorite, but not Amira, as this is a scenic relaxing setting.  Perfect for a quiet picnic or romantic stroll through the park, or perhaps some painting.  This gorgeously designed park has plenty of areas that can make for some great photos.  The park is absolutely stunning, I of course even though it says Spring in the name of the park had to try it on Mt. Komorebi.  The park glows with lights and it is so neat!

Spring Park Lot


Downloadable lots are a great way to really fill in your neighborhoods and create your Sim world as you like it.  There are lots of unique and fantastic lots here at The Sims Resource that you can download!

Water Park

So which one did Adira & Amira pick? Well, that is the great part about filling your neighborhoods with all sorts of lots… you don’t have to pick just one! You can visit them ALL!

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