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Halloween Special — Spooky Lots

This is the last day of September, we can now prepare for Halloween. Which means lots of fun and spooky things! Cyclonesue and I are collaborating to bring seasonal fun spookiness right to you!

How better else to get on the Halloween hype train than tour some amazing Spooky lots.  There are so many fantastic lots on TSR, it was incredibly hard to limit to just five.  The following are just a preview of what is available here at TSR for our Sims to have spooky lots.  The theme selection helps guide your searches so you can find great CC on TSR.  Themes selected to locate spooky lots were; Goth, Apocalypse, and Halloween and Horror.  Searching by words under the subcategory of lots also helps locate specific downloads, I used searches with; old, spooky, scary, vampire, and Victorian.  So sit back as we tour five fantastically spooky lots with our lovely model Tiffany, who absolutely loves spooky things and is looking for her spooky dream home.

#1 dasie2’s Winthrop House

For just the right price of $307,937, your Sim can own dasie2’s Winthrop house.  This spooky fixer-upper with Victorian charm is the perfect spooky addition to your neighborhoods.  The Winthrop House is a 40 x 30 lot with five bedrooms and four bathrooms.  The home also features terraces and a garden pool.   Make sure to purchase this home furnished as it has a lot to offer your crafty sims.  The entire home is decorated to the tee with absolutely no CC objects.  The home also features a hidden decorative dungeon.

Our tour guide Tiffany absolutely loved the kitchen, it was very spacious and homey.  Tiffany loves to bake and she felt at home with the large counter space.  However, for one sim the home was just too large.  There did not appear to be any active spooks, but Tiffany did felt a little uneasy in the house after discovering the basement photographer station.

Maybe this is not the house for Tiffany, but it could be your next spooky dream home.  The perks are definitely the lovely kitchen, hobby stations, great decor, and space for more than one Sim.   Of course, keeping in mind that the home is inspired by a horror tv show would also be important for the buyer.

#2 nobody1392‘s Morgana’s Hut (No CC!)

Nobody1392’s Morgana’s Hut is the absolute perfect home for your spellcasting sim.  The tiny hut is on a very decorated 40 x 30 lot featuring an underground magic workshop.  The hut itself is on the third story and has only one very small bathroom and bedroom with no CC included.  The living room and kitchen areas are open and virtually all of the wall space is fully used.  Although small this lot is very evenly decorated and not cluttered.

Out of all the homes toured Tiffany enjoyed this house’s decor the best.  Sure she is not a spellcaster yet, but she could be a great one with this lot.  The kitchen was just slightly too small for her tastes, but everything else was perfect and just right.  The spookiness of this home is in its charm and is not daunting by any means.

For a household of more than one Sim, this would not be the lot for your Sims.  For those single Sims who are spellcasters and do not want anything super spooky, Morgana’s Hut is perfect.  As far as spooky lots go this one is the nice and neat colorful spooky.  If your Sim likes to swim and be around nature that is a plus for this particular lot.

#3 Mini Simmer‘s Abandoned Gas Station

The Abandoned Gas Station by Mini Simmer is a 30 x 20 spooky lot that is decorated in an apocalyptic theme. There are some optional CC links included in the Creator Notes section of the download.  Newcrest is not quite the best location for this lot, but for review, it will work.  This lot is dark and spooky just looking at it and it does one hundred percent look abandoned as the outside of this lot is decorated to apocalyptic perfection.

As a residential lot, there is a living area inside, it is all one room with everything out in the open.  Important note for buyers, there is no toilet! Sims must use the bush outside.

For Tiffany, this lot was a little too open and was more spooky looking in the apocalyptic sense for her needs. However, for the apocalyptic wastelander, this could be a dream home. This was not quite the perfect spooky dream home for Tiffany, but she did mean some wonderful neighbors.

#4 AvenicciX‘s The Black Widow Restaurant & Bar (No CC)

AvenicciX’s the Black Widow Restaurant & Bar is quite possibly one of the best No CC decorated restaurants Tiffany has ever seen.  The spooky lot is 30 x 30 and has every in elegantly decorated in a  red and black gothic theme.  The kitchen is a fun spooky skeleton theme, making that area separate and different from the public areas.  There are a few different nooks for customers to dine in for a private dining experience, as well as the main dining area.

The outside of the Black Widow is just as exquisite as the inside.  The color theme is the same and matches that red and black gothic look with fountains, a gazebo, spooky trees, and red flower beds.

Of course, the entrepreneur in Tiffany saw this goldmine of an opportunity and she purchased the Black Widow Restaurant and Bar just after one visit.  All staff dress in red uniforms aside from chef Zoe.  The restaurant area is so spectacular that in just one mere four hours of opening an additional star had been added to the restaurant count.

#5 Merci’s Count Dracula’s Manor

As far as spooky lots go what could really be worse than the king of all vampire’s home?  Merci has done an incredible job decorating and designing this incredible 40 x 30 three store mansion. Count Dracula’s Manor has a good amount of rooms including five bedrooms and two bathrooms and even includes a recreation room and a creepy basement.  This mansion is full of neat Victorian themed rooms for Sims to explore.  Of course, this mansion is perfectly suited to vampires and has specific areas that can only be accessed by bat form or other trickery (cheating or sorcery).

For Tiffany alone, Count Dracula’s Manor is a little large.  However, she absolutely fell in love with the architecture and design of the home.  The decorations and the overall gothic theme was just what Tiffany had been looking for.  The rooms are large and lightly decorated, giving Tiffany the real estate to make this spooky lot her own.

The kitchen was her only concern as it is very dated but with a little bit of a light remodel Tiffany is confident that this manor will be her dream home as she starts a new life with her husband Caleb.  There is plenty of room to grow and Caleb insisted his sister Lilith move in as well.  With two vampires and maybe more to come the extra rooms will definitely be put to good use!

Tiffany’s CC

Wondering where all of Tiffany’s lovely CC is from?  You do not want to overdress when trying out spooky lots, one of the key elements is wearing something you can move in, just in case you need to make a run for it.  Hair up and out of the way is also a great idea, Tiffany’s choice of wedge shoes and big hoop earrings, maybe not the best for spooky house hunting.  Fortunately Tiffany did not run into any issues during her house-hunting adventures.  Below are the links to her comfortable but modern style.

Hair – Olive Hair

Eyebrows – Viola Eyebrows N127

Skin Details 1 – Lenis Skinblend

Skin Details 2 – Tickle Me Pink Body Blush

Tattoo 1 – Dark Roses Tattoo

Tattoo 2 – Life Is Tough quote tattoos

Eyeshadow –Moonlit Shine Eyeshadow

Eyeliner –FRS Eyeliner N11

Blush –Contour Palette N01

Lipstick – Serum Lipstick

Earrings – Morina Hoop Earring Trio

Outfit- ApocalypticDoomwearDungarees -PF82

Nails – Enigma Nails N15

Rings – Cheria Rings

Shoes-  513- High Heels

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