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Room Reno #79: Ye Medieval

Welcome back to Room Reno #79 here at The Sims Resource! Today we’re helping a Sim who wants a totally medieval bedroom, courtesy of the upcoming Ye Medieval collaboration. Let’s meet the Sim we’re helping!

Meet Gemma!

Gemma Charm is an aspiring spellcaster living in Glimmerbrook with her family. While she loves magic, she prefers an aesthetic that skews a bit more…medieval. And that’s perfect timing, because the latest collab at The Sims Resource is all about that era–Ye Medieval! Tons of artists worked together to create absolutely stunning CAS items, build objects, and even some really cool lots that will transport your Sims back to the past before you can say “dragon”. The collab drops soon, so keep your eyes peeled and you should be able to see all the pieces coming out.

In the meantime, we’re working with Gemma! She really wants a bedroom that feels just like a medieval princess’ room…without the drafty winds and chamberpots, of course. A lot of her inspiration has dark wood paneling and some combinations of wood and stone for the walls, and elaborate wood floors that showcase all sorts of designs. Her favorite color is red, so that’s what I’m going to go with for the fabrics in the room, along with some decorative tapestries, since those were the most common decorative pieces of the day. Plus, they’re a great example of handcrafted decor, which is something we cherish even in modern design (macrame, anyone?). It’s always interesting to see what sorts of design elements that are trendy, even after centuries! Let’s see what sort of room we’re working with today.

The Before

Wow, this is a very sad room. I’ve dealt with a lot of strange or empty pre-renovation rooms before, but this is another level of dark and sort of depressing. I love the patterned floors and the ornately carved walls, and even the windows are beautiful with their stained glass designs–but something about it being so dark, and with only one small bed in the entire space is really depressing to look at for very long. If I were playing in this house long term, this room might become an office or something similar. But in this case, it’s gonna become the greatest medieval bedroom ever.

Or a pretty good medieval bedroom, at least. I can’t pretend I know everything about medieval design, after all. But this space, as dark and sad as it is, has a ton of potential! It’s got a really good size and those awesome tall walls (Who would have thought I would ever be excited to see tall walls? Not me!). This leaves a lot of space for big tapestries or large fireplaces, both essential parts of an upscale medieval room. I think there will be more than enough space to fit everything Gemma wants in this room, and maybe even a little more. Let’s get planning!

The Planning

I think this room’s previous (nonexistent) layout needed a lot of improvement, but I guess it could be said I put the bed against the same wall…though it’s facing an entirely different direction, so I think this is a pretty big change. I started with the aforementioned bed, facing the opposite wall. I added a large fireplace next, so that the room would have a source of warmth–as you all probably know, before indoor heating, this was the only way to keep a room nice and cozy for someone to live in. That goes for Sims, too–they’ll complain if there’s no heat in the winter, and no fireplace to keep the heat up otherwise!

I added a bookshelf to the room as a source of entertainment, since a true medieval Sim goes without modern entertainment like television and the internet. If Gemma really wants to commit to the time period bit, she’ll only read texts written in the era she wishes to belong to–that would be a bit too hard for me, but then, I’m not the one asking for a medieval bedroom makeover. With all that worked out and ready to go, let’s get building this medieval room!

The After

This room is a total medieval dream! The artists absolutely knocked this entire collection out of the park. Be sure to look out for the Margaery set, which is not only named after the best Game of Thrones character (fight me, she was my favorite!) but is the bedroom set I used in this build. It looks absolutely incredible, and I totally want to lay down in that bed right now and take a nap in a very dramatic medieval dress. I’m talking floor length, drapey sleeves that trail behind me and make every gesture super important!

The windows in this collab are also insanely pretty. I love how there’s a ton of detail on the inside, and even more on the exterior–there’s stonework all around the edges to make it look era-appropriate and so perfect for any medieval style builds going forward. I’ve never attempted to build an entire castle before, but the objects in this collab make me want to try it ASAP. The really tall fireplace is also amazing–it totally seems like it would warm the entire room, even without modern heating or insulation technologies. The tapestries are also a great touch–I can imagine my medieval themed Sims creating them bit by bit. If anyone out there ever played The Sims Medieval, this collab is taking me back to that game in the best way possible. I used to spend a lot of time playing that game when The Sims 3 was too much for my computer to run (remember those days?). BRB, downloading the entire collection and then reenacting The Sims Medieval for the next week.

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