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Not So Berry CC Guide

One of the things I would love to get back into is playing challenges in The Sims 4. There are so many unique ways to play the Sims, and challenges are a great way to mix things up and try new ways to play the game. My favorite Sims challenge of all time is the Not So Berry Challenge. So today, we will do a Not So Berry CC Guide. This will be all about CAS (Create a Sim), so hairstyles, makeup, accessories, clothing, shoes… whatever you can use to make your Sims BERRIRIFIC!

Not So Berry Challenge

I loved the previous versions of Sims because of the the of Berry Sims, and I followed a lot of threads on the official forums just to keep up with some of the Berry stories. There were competitions for Berry Sims and full-on stories, and I loved it! In the Sims 4 the Not So Berry Challenge, different generations correspond with colors, each with its requirements. As you progress through the levels, they get more challenging. I am basing my Not So Berry CC guide on general rules (as they can change slightly from player to player). I used THIS guide as my general reference for this blog.

This is not a guide on how to do the challenge, but a guide on what CC I found on The Sims Resource to make looks for the Sims in this challenge.  I wanted to ‘Jezified’ the looks and match the generation’s requirements to the styles. So, for example, for the Rose generation, the Sim is a politician, so I wanted the outfit to suit that career path, along with the traits and the other requirements.

The Colors (Generations)

#1 – Mint

CC Links – Hair, Accessory 1, Accessory 2, Makeup, Dress, & Shoes

Mint sounds super easy to find an outfit to match, right? WRONG!  There are so many definitions of ‘mint’ I had trouble picking just one!  So since the Mint generation is a ‘Mad Scientist,’ I wanted to make the Sim look slightly nerdy.  Adding the factors of Chief of Mischief’s Aspiration and vegetarian, jealousy, and materialistic traits, I knew I wanted a stylish and chic outfit.

#2 – Rose

CC Links – Hair, Nails, Eyelashes, Blush, earring, Outfit, & Shoes

I wanted to create a Sim with a very romantic but classy look for the Rose part of this Not So Berry CC Guide. Rose is such a lovely color, so I knew I had to make the Sim just as lovely. I generally use randomized Sims to have various Sim looks and body shapes. I love this Sim so much; I am keeping her! We will not be yeeting this one! For the Rose generation, the requirements include; a Politician career path, Serial Romantic aspiration, and the traits of; Hot Headed, Snob, and Romantic. With all these factors, I knew this Sim just had to be cute and lovely, and this Sim turned out so well!

# 3 – Yellow

CC Links – Hair, Necklace, Eyeliner, Earrings, Top & Shorts

Yellow is another tricky one for this guide, as yellow together can look rough. This Yellow generation has many contradicting traits; Clumsy, Ambitious, and a Loner… but wants to be an Astronaut… and then handy and clumsy traits together sounds DANGEROUS! For this look, I did select the banana print top cause, ya know… bananas are yellow… and I wanted something other than a skirt or a dress, so shorts! Being the Yellow generation, I wanted something bright and fun, and astronauts scream athletic, soooo this is what I came up with.

# 4 – Grey

CC Links – Hair, Earrings, Outfit, & Shoes

What’s the difference between silver and grey… the shine. That is how we are rolling with this one! I left this Sim a little less accessorized because the traits are again conflicting, making this Sim super interesting!  The Grey generation’s traits are Active, Slob, and Music Lover… with an Athlete career path and maxed singing and athletic skills with the Bodybuilder’s aspiration. I found something suitable for this Sim; it was tricky, but I think I got it.

# 5 – Plum

CC Links – Hair, Nose Ring, Skin, Eyeshadow, Top, Bottoms, & Shoes

For the Plum generation, I knew this Sim had to be fun! Dancing and trying new things is definitely a thing for this Sim as the aspiration is the Renaissance Sim, and part of this generation is to try different career paths and skills. It would be no surprise that with these requirements, this Sim has the Noncommittal, Genius, and Dance Machine traits. I wanted to select a Plum look for this Sim that would be perfect for dancing and a little dressy since the Entertaining career path is one of the three this Sim must spend time on in this generation.

# 6 – Orange

CC Links – Facial HAir, Skin, Eyelashes, top,pants

Ah… the Orange generation, this one is a naughty one… A Sim with the Public Enemy aspiration, Criminal career path, and Evil, Self-Assured, and Glutton traits. Not to mention maxed baking and charisma skills. I wanted to do something different for this Sim, and since I did not have any masculine Sims yet, I thought… why not. I tried to allow myself to use orange pants but couldn’t. LOL. I wanted the Sim to have a clean style since they will obviously be a master sneaky one… but a sneaky criminal in Orange??? I don’t make the rules… maybe this is the trick; they stand out, so many Sims are like, “nah… they wouldn’t dare do that with that bright hair color… everyone can see them…”

# 7 – Pink

CC Links – Hair, Earrings, glasses, lipgloss, Top, Accessory Top, Skirt, & Shoes

We are channeling our inner librarian with the Pink generation!  But the challenge requires the Sim to have Neat, Unflirty, and Creative traits.  Along with these traits, this Sim wants to be a Best Selling Author and must be on the business career path, master the writing skill, have a well-maintained garden and… complete the postcard collection.  I styled the Sim in this look with all these elements and absolutely love it!  A little bit of Y2k plus librarian and POOF Pink generation Sim.

#8 – Peach

CC Links – Hair, necklace, Skin, Outfit, Pants, & Shoes

I selected a comfortable style for this fun-loving Detective, the Peach generation.  This Sim masters Gourmet Cooking and Comedy skills and has the Joke Star aspiration.  Traits of the Peach generation include; Foodie, Lazy, and Goofball.  I chose a modern, comfy look to pull off this generation’s Not So Berry CC Guide look.

# 9 – Green

CC Links – Hair, facial hair, tOp, & Bottoms

Surprisingly the Green generation was more difficult than I thought.  The Green generation in the Not So Berry Challenge is a Tech Guru, aspires to be a Computer Whiz, and has Squeamish, Geek, and Cheerful traits. This Sim never turns down an invitation to a party or social gathering, has at least five enemies, and must master Mixology, Video Gaming, and Programming. Maybe I am a Green generation?

#10 – Blue

CC Links – Hair, Nails, eyelashes, Eyeshadow, Dress, & Shoes

The final original Not So Berry Generation… Blue! The Blue generation aspires to a Big Happy Family and is on the Critic career path. This Sim, for some reason, gave me retro vibes, so I selected a lovely blue dress and heels that would meet that style. This Sim has to master Photography, Cooking, and Wellness Skills, and adopt at least one child… we are talking super parent here!


I had a ton of fun with this Not So Berry CC Guide and will undoubtedly be playing the Not So Berry Challenge soon!  Strangely enough, the Mint generation was the hardest for me to style.  The color is tricky as it is a different color for different folks. I added the goal color to the look to illustrate the overall theme and make things easier to follow.

I am pleased with how well these turned out.  This took a lot more time than anticipated. However, it was a ton of fun! My favorite generations are the Rose and Plum generations, these two are my favorite out of the challenge because I just really like those shades of color.  I also felt the outfits matched the Sims very well, and they are both alpha CC Sims.  I have not seen many Not So Berry Alpha CC Sims.  Which may have also been a side goal of this project.

Keep up with more Sims stuff and what I’m up to at @TSR Jezi.

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