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Sims Lore: The Vatore Household

Welcome to another edition of Sims Lore, this article is going to be all about the Vatore household.  The Vatore household includes Lilith and Caleb Vatore, who are both Vampire Sims.  Lilith and Caleb graced our game for the first time when The Sims 4: Vampires was released and stole the hearts of Simmers.

Lilith Vatore

Lilith Vatore

Although she does have a dark form, Lilith would be considered a good vampire as she dislikes drinking plasma from unwilling Sims.  She is a young adult Sim and is skillless and unemployed, but don’t let that discourage you from playing with her! Lilith is outgoing, creative, active, and domestic and has the aspiration of having a Vampire family.

Data miners have also found the file name for Lilith to be Sophia Wilson.  Maybe she changed her name when she was turned into a vampire?

Caleb Vatore

Caleb Vatore

I know most of you are here like “enough about Lilith!” I know you want to know about Caleb! Well… Caleb is like Lilith a young Adult Sim, skilless, and unemployed.  However, Simmers flock to Caleb as he is just a super likable Sim.  I mean, vampire, but drinks plasma fruit drinks, has the Good Vampire Aspiration… why not?  Caleb is ambitious. materialistic, and a foodie. What could possibly go wrong here… *cough Vampire Babies.

Like Lilith and according to data miners, Caleb’s original file name is not Caleb Vatore but… George Wilson.

Vatore’s Relationship with Vlad

The Vatore Household

The Vampire pack starts the player off with the family bio of the Vatore household stating that they have “moved to Forgotten Hollow recently and haven’t made good relationships with Vladislaus Straud.” The bio also references this is due to the differences in their ‘culinary tastes.’ This bio is confusing as neither Caleb nor Lilith have any relationship with Vladislaus at all.  What this does tell us is that the Vatore siblings do not take blood from the unwilling.  Which makes sense as there is a Good Vampire aspiration within the pack, which Caleb does have.

Image credit The Sims Wiki

Another interesting tidbit of information is that the trailer shows Lilith being turned into a vampire by Vladislaus himself. So Lilith was outright turned into a vampire by Vladislaus and Caleb’s biter was also turned by Vladislaus.  Do they remember? Is this why they don’t like Vladislaus? Or are they trying to make themselves a new type of Vampires, Good Vampires?

Community Theories

Caleb Vatore

Alright, let’s see if we can spill some tea with the Vatore’s… First,  a lot of Simmers absolutely love Caleb.  I for one have had countless Sims have romantic encounters with Caleb. Never once has he bit anyone, Caleb is a good Sim, even if he is a Vampire.

The Vatore Household

When I have questions about a Sim’s history the first place I look is the community.  Most Simmers believe Caleb and Lilith to be young or new vampires and that they are changing vampire lifestyles to modern times.  Some players even theorize that Caleb and Lilith are not even siblings.  Unfortunately there just is not much in the backstory of the Vatore household that can be found, but one thing is clear, a lot of Simmers do love playing with Caleb and Lilith.

What we know

The Vatore Household

There is definitely a lack of known backstory for Caleb and Lilith Vatore.  What we do know is that they are young vampires trying to be good and not drink the blood of the unwilling.  Caleb is ironically a foodie, I feel terrible for him, but at the same time, it makes me more attached to the character.  Both Caleb and Lilith are connected to Vladislaus Straud, as Vlad turned Lilith and the vampire that turned Caleb.   Caleb and Lilith live in the Forgotten Hollow world and start the game out unemployed with no skills in a large victorian home with 20k. Although they do not have skills like other Sims, they do have some of their Vampire Skills and powers.


The Vatore Household

Alright, so I am going to jump off the limb here and run with the tea.  I think yes Caleb and Lilith were turned sometime before The Sims 4 game starts.  My opinion is that they are newer vampires and it was unexpected.  For some reason, the siblings were targeted by vampires and I think that was because they moved to Forgotten Hollow.

Lilith Vatore Makeover

Makeover I gave Lilith

Regardless of the reasons, I think that before they became vampires Lilith and Caleb were the Wilsons.  When they turned they changed their names.  They obviously love victorian things as they live in a victorian home and Caleb was dressed the same in the trailer before he became a vampire. So I think they are ‘rebranding’ vampires as we know them and that is why Vlad is said to not like them.

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