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Vatore Lot Makeover

Since it is close to Halloween, I suggest we do something special for our One Color Decor.  So, I selected to do up the entire Vatore lot.  I didn’t do anything too crazy… but I figured that darkening up the lot in a Dark Gothic theme would make a nice Vampire-styled lot.  So, let’s check out what I came up with!

The Theme – Dark Gothic

Rather than just select the color black for this blog, I decided to jazz it up for Spooktober.  So what is the theme, dark Gothic??? For colors… I would say a combination of black, gray, brown, dark blue, & dark purple.  Of course, the perfect colors to make an entire lot super gothic! I downloaded a TON of CC for this blog from the Oh My GOTH Collab that you can find HERE! The Modern Victorian Collab is also a great way to find even more Dark Gothic CC.

The Vatore Household

Caleb and Lilith Vatore are a household of ‘nice vampires’ who do not drink from Sims.   The Vatore lot includes Caleb and Lillith, who are siblings and show up in the Vampires Game pack and reside in the Forgotten Hollow at the Wolfsbane Manor.   According to lore, Vlad turned Lilith into a Vampire, and another Vampire named Miss Hell (apparently a cousin of the siblings) turned Caleb into a vampire.

The Before

The Vatore lot is very vanilla and blue… lots of vanilla and blonde tones with a hint of gray and navy.  In my opinion, the lot is a bit too bright for Vampires.  However, the Vatore siblings differ slightly from Vampires, as they don’t drink from Sims.

The home is entire of furniture at the start and matches quite well.  It definitely had a Victorian feel to it.  I love the high curtains, but the lot is too bright and matches too well.  Yes, that is a thing; a room or outfit can match too well.  The lot needs more decor and a darker aesthetic, and then it will look great!

I like the entryway, which, if that is a first impression, is a great room to enjoy!

I will stay CC-crazy; however, I want to makeover every room… so get ready to download some CC!

The After

For just a few minor changes… you know, fresh paint, floors, furniture, lighting, clutter, decor… the Vatore lot turned out very nicely.  Okay, I changed everything but the build items and layout… this is a Sims CC site, so what do we really expect.

Room 1 – Entry Way

CC Highlights – Chandelier, Rug, Candles, and Table

I like this room even more. It is fantastic with some paint, new flooring, and light CC can do for the room.  This entryway is just magnificent.  Now… to get the rest of the house to match this standard.

CC Highlights – Mirror 1, Mirror 2, Plant, Wall Light, and Wall Paint

The wallpaper might be my new favorite go-to.  I just love it for hallways and bathrooms!

Room 2 – Kitchen

CC Highlights – Counters & Cabinets, BarstoolPainting, skull, Cage decor, and plant wall

I am happy with the kitchen.  It took me a couple hours to develop a plan, but I swapped out the current furniture and items for CC once I realized the original kitchen layout was a great design.  I love those bar stools; they add just a bit of color and nicely go with the plant’s green tones.

Room 3 – Living room

CC Highlights – Piano, Butterflies, Chairs, End Table, rug, and painting

The living room is bigger than the rest of the rooms.  It is a large room, and I should have changed the original design to section it out better.  Another element I wish I would have added would have been a wood-burning stove or fireplace. It is not terrible, just a lot of unused space.

Room 4 – 7 – Bathrooms

CC Highlights – Sink, mirror, rug, and toilet

I designed the bathrooms to be decorated very similarly.  I like consistency in a home and use many of the same pieces in each bathroom.  They are a bit dark, so they probably just need more light.

Room 8 & 9 – Bedrooms

I gave each of the siblings their own room.  They are straightforward, as they were designed originally.  I deleted non-CC furniture and put some gothic or dark items in every corner.  That is the theme, right?

CC Highlights – Bed, lights, CURTAINS, MirrorPlant 1, AND DECOR

I added a couple of bright plants for Caleb’s room since he is just such a chipper and cheerful Sim.  I wanted a lovely stand-up mirror for the room, even if the stories say Vampires cannot see their reflections!  There are quite a few mirrors in this house!

Room 10 – Bedroom 3/Office

CC Highlights – Bookcase, CURTAIN, Desk, and Computer

 Even Vampires today need access to computers and the internet!  With the 3rd bedroom, I wanted to change it up a bit.  Rather than having just a bedroom, I converted the guest room into an office guestroom hybrid.  By using a bed that is positioned as a day bed, this works really well.

Room 11 – Attic

CC Highlights – Rug

This room had nothing, so naturally, I had to use it for something.  Being an attic space, I made it a place to store things and paint.  So it is functional but not super styled.


Overall, the rooms came out quite nicely.  Again, the only significant change I would like is the living room and a minor change in lighting for the bathrooms.  When designing darker rooms, it is easy not to get enough lighting or too much.  There is definitely a balance there that is a bit tricky to maintain.

Keep up with more Sims stuff and what I’m up to at @TSR Jezi.

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