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One Color Room Challenge – Emerald Green Bathroom

Alright welcome to another One Color Challenge, the goal today is to design an Emerald Green Bathroom.  I will start doing these a little more frequently since you all seem to either enjoy decoration blogs… or watching me suffer.  Regardless of the two, I am here for your entertainment.

Each time I do one of these there is a good deal of research (google, Pinterest, and TikTok) put in so that I am attempting something trending or at least interesting.  So we will get into the specifics here momentarily, but just know the color green for fall and bathroom remodels are trending currently.  Therefore, I decided to attempt a green bathroom.  So here we go… Emerald Green Bathroom.

The Plan

I will admit that in this challenge I was a little lost in the planning stage.  I had a loose plan; modern meets rustic wood and mixing greens. Emerald Green is the focal point of the design.  Aside from that bathroom.  Simple right, so since I didn’t finish my bathroom in the house I made to model my own, I figured I’d just use that space.

sims 4 building

But I did not realize that taking out the laundry area would give me such a huge space.  So I started with the basics.  Toilet…. check, Sink… check… Bathtub or Shower… check.  I tried a few different things and roamed around on Pinterest and google until I saw several lovely classy modern bathrooms with added wood elements and LOADS of plants.  And it hit me… PLANT-themed GREEN bathroom… HAHA, EASY!! Or… so I thought.

The Research

Emerald green bathroom

Links – Toliet

There were several elements that kept popping up during my research; mix and match patterns and color shades, green everything, modern designs, and country designs.  And finally… PLANTS.

Nonmatching Patterns and Colors

So I know this has less green in it than what I did with the pinks in the Pink Retro Kitchen, however, the majority is green, brown, or cream.  One of my goals was to mix and match pattern types… so we have modern mural meets fancy mirrors, floral curtains, and wood.  When I was putting this all together I kept thinking… WHAT HAVE I DONE? THIS IS TERRIBAD!

Sims 4 bathroom

Links – Mirror, Flowers, Jars, Curtains

However, I love a good challenge, so in true Jezi fashion, I added more plants and built a platform section for the tub.  “Go BIG, or go HOME!” At one point I almost deleted the entire lot in rage, but rather than do that I decided to make a list of CC that would help balance things out and then take a stretch break to clear my head to keep going. After I downloaded the needed pieces (curtains and… PLANTS) I continued on my build…

Modern Designs

Green counters and cabinets… Do we realize how many counters I downloaded to find the perfect ones for this room?  AND… not to mention the Monica Counters by Severinka_ pull in the colors off of the Naturalis Office Curtains nicely!

Emerald Green Bathroom

Links – Counters, Sink, Mirror, Towel, Soap, Wall Plants

It was a toss-up between designing a modern bathroom or a rustic bathroom. I couldn’t decide so I thought what the heck let’s merge the two so I wanted the bathroom to have an accent wall and a lot of wood. Like, look at that gorgeous mirror by ArwenKaboom!  It is just perfect!!! I kept everything fairly clean as modern aesthetics generally are, so not a ton of clutter, aside from plants.

Green Color of 2022

As soon as I started researching green bathrooms, article after article popped up informing me that green is the color of 2022.  Last I checked pink was trending more than green, but ok google, I will take your word for it.  After all, when is google ever wrong… (I am joking)

Sims 4 Bathroom

Links – Towel, Plant Rack, Plant 1, Plant 2, & Plant 3, plant 4, & plan 5

The Results

Sims 4 buildingLinks – Floor & Ceiling Beams

Build Elements

For the building, aspects of this room I wanted to pair the dark green with lots of wood accents.  So these Chalet Living beams were absolutely perfect.  I love how they split the ceiling and give it a bit more detail to complete the room’s aesthetic. I think they also make the room look a bit bigger… not that it needed it, but it does look nice and clean.Sims 4 Bathroom

Links – Accent Wall & Paint

My original plan was to make sure to include a beautiful accent wall with this emerald green bathroom.  I wanted a modern pattern so this wallpaper works really nicely!  I also selected the Victor walls which mostly match, but are just off enough to not match too much.  The floor I wanted to be wood to pull in the wood accents so I selected wooden floors by lavilikesims. I think it all comes together quite nicely.

Plumbing Elements

Emerald Green Bathroom

Links – Tub & Candles

To really pull off the modern look I wanted a nice classy freestanding bathtub.  I felt like this needed to be set up in a place where someone could have a nice relaxing bath.  I saw ArwenKaboom‘s set a while ago and had downloaded it just waiting for the perfect opportunity to use it… and here we are in the perfect place as the set had green swatches!!

Clutter & Decor Elements

Sims 4 Decor

Links – Bath Set & rug

We already talked about this set and how it is absolutely perfect… but I love it so here is a nice close-up of the set as well.  I wanted to keep the clutter to a minimum just to preserve the modern sleek and clean aesthetic.  But you can not have a completed room without at least some clutter! So there are three matching selves with candles, vases, and plants, as well as a couple key items on the countertop.

Final Reaction

I was a little unsure after the final product as this is different for me design-wise.  I tried new things and got a platform to be somewhat functional. I whole heartily believe this sign.  Normal is boring, at least for me so I did really try to mix the greens.  I kept telling myself it’s gonna be ok (I don’t like to mix and match LOL).Sims 4 Decor

Links – Sign, Beauty Products, Plant

And guess what in the end the emerald green bathroom turned out to look lovely!  I am pleased with this room, and might just change the color and keep it in my IRL home model!  I already have a green bedroom, so don’t want a green bathroom too!

If you missed the previous One Color Decorating Challenge you can find it HERE or if you would like more decor and building blogs, check out Paige’s latest Room Reno HERE.

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