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Room Reno #61: Cozy Master Bedroom

Welcome back to Room Reno #61 here at The Sims Resource! Today we’re helping a couple who wants to transform their small master bedroom to a cozy space for both of them to share in one of the new buildings in Copperdale. Let’s meet them!

Meet the Singers!


Len and Barbara Singer moved to Copperdale a few months ago, and they love it! The town is the perfect combination of small-town charm with lots of activity and bustle. Their new home has a lot of potential, too! The first room that needs that potential realized, though, is their bedroom. Len works from home as part of his job as an engineer, and the desk where he takes calls is in the bedroom, which necessitates a nicer background, but that’s not all. Barbara works as a teacher, and she wants a nicer space to get ready in the mornings, as well as more storage for her and Len’s clothes. Let’s see what we’re working with!

The Before

This room has a lot going for it, and a lot that needs to be changed. This master bedroom is the type where the entire floor is the room, which means it’s not as small as you’d think, but the space is currently not being used in a smart or effective way. For one, Len’s current desk space shows only the door and wardrobe behind him–not a great background for work calls. The bed is up against the windows, which means sunlight will come in and wake both of them up in the morning even earlier than they need to be up for work. Absolutely not!

I like the sliding doors to the balcony area, which I think adds a lot of value to the home overall. The current furniture is nothing but bare essentials, and the walls are almost completely empty, too, which absolutely has to change. This house has medium height walls, which don’t vex me quite as much as tall walls, but still present some challenges when it comes to decorating the entire height each wall in a way that feels balanced (if I say wall one more time it’ll stop feeling like a word). Let’s get planning!

The Planning

This layout makes much better use of the room, as well as the empty wall to the right of the image above. I totally get eliminating some smaller spaces in your builds so that the rooms are easier to furnish. It’s a tactic I like to use a lot of the time when I’m stuck with what would otherwise be super weirdly shaped rooms. Since we have that extra space, though, I’ll be using it to put in one of the closets that came with the Get Together expansion pack. They work when placed inside walls, and allow for clothing storage without taking up extra space in the main room–cool, right?

By putting Len’s desk in front of the windows, his background will now be the rest of the room, creating a lot more visual interest behind him, but also making it so that his work area is visually divided from where he rests. There’s a lot of talk about not working where you sleep, and I have to say it’s true–I always sleep better if I’m not doing work (or anything but sleep) in my bed, though this also leads to a lot of unintentional napping. What can I say? My bed is comfy! (Hopefully Len isn’t too much like me). I used Len’s old desk space to give Barbara an area to get ready for work, with a small vanity table and mirror along with some storage for her makeup. It’s tucked out of the way enough that she’ll be able to feel like she’s got her own private area to prepare for the day without cutting off the room in any drastic way. I really love the floating desk I used for her vanity table–it looks really modern and chic. Let’s get to the reveal so you can see it!

The After

This room turned out so cozy feeling. I’m trying to do a thing where I don’t change the wallpaper in any crazy ways while I build, because I think it makes more of a challenge for me creatively, and this build happened to work perfectly for that idea. The purple walls seemed like too much for me when I started planning, but I started to really fall in love with them once I figured out the room’s color scheme and went from there.

Warm wood tones and cream colors really helped to bring out the richness of the purple, while neutral accents prevented the room from feeling too busy or overwhelmed with ideas and colors. As someone who lives in a place where I can’t paint the walls, being challenged to decorate without changing the wall color has been a really good exercise for me, and I have a lot more ideas for my own place now that I’ve done it (even if I still can’t figure out how to decorate tall walls in real life–I can’t reach that high!)

I’m really happy with the way that Len’s desk setup turned out, too. I thought about doing a full-on set of built in bookcases, but just using two matching ones along with a similar-colored desk was definitely the way to go. The big beautiful window got to be the center of attention instead of a huge, cumbersome bookshelf cutting off any of the natural light it allows in, which would have been a crime (and also way more expensive when it comes to energy bills, which is not worth it at all, even in The Sims!).

Thanks for checking out Room Reno #61: Cozy Master Bedroom! If you liked this blog, check out Room Reno #60: High School Years or a one-color CAS challenge.  Looking for something else? Read an update on all the newest game news or about the latest game patch! Have a great day 😎

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