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One Color Décor – Purple Dining Room

Welcome to another one color décor challenge!  Today we will be designing and decorating a Purple Dining Room, hopefully, designed in the Old English style.  I am unsure what to expect with this project as I still consider myself a beginner to intermediate in the interior design section of the Sims 4.  I also did not select a specific design aesthetic in previous challenges, so I tried to mix it up this round!  Practice, practice, practice.  That is the only way to get better; you won’t know if you don’t try! So the general plan today is an Old English-styled purple dining room.

The Color Purple

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Purple has so many shades.  Loads of them.  So where to start?  Well, I picked a flower that is a shade of purple… lavender.  Old English has vintage but classy country vibes for me, so I thought, why not add flowers to bring out more of the country aesthetic.  Of course, adding other shades of purple was in the plan, some dark purple or, I love, that Russian Violet swatch.  I find that deep purple so lovely.  Cyber Grape is also a beautiful shade, and Eminence… ok, I like many purple shades shown here, LOL.

IRL Inspiration

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First, let’s get an understanding of some classic English furniture pieces. So what is this Old English décor style? From my research, this interior design style is inspired by traditional English countryside homes.  This style now sometimes includes a bit of a modern twist.  Looks to me like you add some vintage elements, plus a little country and some class, and then poof, Old English countryside.  I included a chandelier, candles, and flowers to attempt to pull off a modern and clean version of this aesthetic.

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The Plan – Purple Dining Room

The plan was a very basic one… the program included lavender flowers, purple, and a bit of Old English interior design.  I was a little worried about the amount of purple I would find within CC, but as always, the artists here at The Sims Resource did not disappoint.   I found loads of purple CC that would work for this project.  The problem was more of what to select to give that Old English Aesthetic in the design.

The Design

CC Links – Chandler, Cabinet, & Mirror

Since this room is in a pre-built EA lot in Willow Creek, I did not have to build anything at all.  HAHA! Loophole… as I am still not confident at the building, soo…. this works well. Designing a purple dining room met having the basic dining room elements; dining table, chairs, lighting, side tables, and hutch… but first, we have to talk building elements.  Side note I just love that chandelier and mirror!

Building Elements

CC Links – Walls, Floors, Windows

I wanted many floral elements for the Old English-themed purple dining room, but not to the granny core extreme. I selected the pictured wallpaper and paint set as it matches perfectly and has white crown molding.  Using the Old English aesthetic as a theme for this room, I also wanted wooden floors.  White floors always seem to scream clean, so I selected the white swatch of the floor.  I also wanted lots of natural lighting, so I chose the matching window set pictured to get that well-lit and cozy home feel.

Main Furniture

CC Links – Table, Cabinet & Chairs

The trickiest part was finding matching chairs and wallpaper.  I wanted lots of white wooden elements, as white and purple look nice and clean.  The wooden pieces also fit the Old English aesthetic perfectly.  I knew from the start that a purple dining room met I had to have purple dining chairs.  I love these as they have a lite pattern and texture, giving the entire room an elegant but country vibe.


CC Links – Paintings, Vase

Once I got the furniture and lighting up, everything else seemed to fall into place.  There is so much décor available at The Sims Resource it was honestly harder to pick just what I needed.  I like things neat and tidy, so I did not want to overdo it.  Of the décor, the only issue I had was finding a perfect rug, so I went for another shade of purple to tie in with the flowers and food clutter.


CC Links – Greek Salads, Rug, Iced Coffee, & Cage Chair

So obviously, designing a purple dining room, I needed loads of food clutter.  I found all sorts of lovely food items to use.  I didn’t want to overdo it, as I wanted the room to look like it was being used for a meal.  However, iced coffee, cake, bread, and greek salads all sound amazing!  I also placed a few more plants, as can you ever have enough, and filled some spaces with statues and candles.

CC Links – Console Table, Cake, Lavender, & Statue


Overall this turned out just fine.  Putting the lighter purple and darker purple together with white accents really tied everything together.  This finished product has a lot of chic country charm, which fits the Old English Aesthetic.  Many modern elements, like the food and console table, also tie the room together nicely.  I loved the challenge of using purple as a color and the aesthetic; it was a lot of fun!  I will continue to try different decorating styles when I do more one color décor challenges!

CC Links – Cat Plant

I really love this room.  Absolutely love the shades of purple in the swatches; they all tie in so nicely with the lighting and shadows of purple in the floral arrangements.  Also, I am now deciding to change my dining room plans to purple because I love these chairs!! I already have a purple bathroom, but that can all be changed with a lil paint!

Keep up with more Sims stuff and what I’m up to at @TSR Jezi.

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