Growing Together Gameplay Livestream

The Sims 4: Growing Together gameplay livestream is here! This stream was filled with nearly two and a half hours of gameplay goodness. Check out the Infant update coming to base game, and then dive into the new expansion pack, Growing Together:

New Content

Coming to the base game with the infant update, there is a TON of new content!

For build/buy mode, we have some specific new additions: a new bassinet, a pack n’ play portable crib that you can take in your inventory, and a new play-pen style fence!

Some toddler beds even have a new “Upgrade” option that allows you to convert it to a crib when needed:

Toddler Bed to Crib Conversion

Science Babies

Also coming to the base game in the free update: science babies! Science babies allow you to either have a baby by yourself, or you can also pick another sim you are friends with.

Science babies do not require a romantic relationship, but you do have to be friendly enough for the other sim to accept the social interaction.

The sim(s) having the baby will leave to go to the hospital, and the baby will be born instantly on their return. (Sims having a science baby do not go through pregnancy.)

Newborn Updates

Newborns are now less like generic objects and more like actual sims. These updates include:

  • All skintons now available (Newborns were previously limited to 3 natural skintones)
  • Eye color will be genetically correct
  • Aesthetic Updates for animations
  • Sims can hold newborns while transitioning through other interactions
  • Newborns will react to weather when outside
  • Caregiving sims better respond to newborn crying
  • Newborn life stage has been shortened, while other life stages have been slightly extended

On the main part of this free update: infants!

Infants are a new life stage, inserted between newborn and toddler, that better eases the growth of your new sim.

There are six new traits for infants:

You can select these traits on age up, but infants can also be fully customized in Create-A-Sim! They have a full range of clothing (including some adorable onesies), as well as hairstyles and accessories such as hats, helmets, and glasses.

We also have a range of birthmarks that have been added as “stork bites,” birthmarks that will fade as your sim grows up:

(Skin details such as birthmarks and stretch marks are also coming to the base game for other ages.)

Infant attachment

Both newborns and infants now have a sense of “attachment” based on how they are cared for. Infants will receive moodlets that will let you know how cared for they are feeling.

Infants that are well cared for will generally have more positive moods and moodlet boosts compared to those who are not feeling as well cared for.

Depending on care, there are three reward traits that can be earned when aging up – unhappy, happy, and top-notch.

Family Dynamics

Relationships between related sims are now further enhanced with the new Family Dynamics options! These can be set in CAS through the Household Relationship options:

Family dynamics affect how sims will behave when autonomously interacting with each other. Dynamics can affect any family relationships, even if two sims are living in different lots.

Based on the dynamic, this helps set a unique tone between sims and how they interact and react. Sims will receive special buffs based on the dynamic that can change their mood to better match how they feel about that particular sim.

Certain moments in the game can trigger a change in a family dynamic over time. Depending on how you play, the game tries to react accordingly. Social pie-menu options will also change according to the dynamic.

An unwanted family dynamic can be removed by a “Dynamic Removal Potion” that you can get in the rewards store.

Social Compatibility

Sims now have a social compatibility score that can play into their dynamic as well! The compatibility score is platonic, and is based on traits, likes/dislikes, and lifestyles.

The “Likes” and “Dislikes” section is bigger now, with two new categories – “Conversation Topics” and “Sim Characteristics.” Sims that have matching likes and dislikes will have a higher compatibility score than sims with opposing likes and dislikes.

The total number of allowed likes and dislikes is now higher, at a maximum of 50.

Temporary Stays

I hope you have room on your couch – company is on the way! Temporary Stays allow you to invite a sim to stay in your household for up to 6 days.

(In some cases, sims might also invite themselves!)

Sims will arrive with a suitcase, which has all of the basic functions of a dresser. If you have a spare bed, you can assign it to them for their stay. If you don’t have a spare bed, your guest will use a sleeping bag.

While a sim is staying with you, you can also request that they help out around the house.  (For example, having a grandparent look after the children.)


Milestones represent the “big moments” in your Sim’s lives. Looking back on milestones gives you an overview of what you sim has accomplished and all that they’ve been through.

Different age groups collect different milestones. As a sim earns milestones, they will sometimes resurface as memories, giving your sim a related buff.

Some milestones will only appear once they have been accomplished, and others may be appear ahead of time, but will be grayed out until your sim has unlocked it.

Midlife Crisis

Uh oh! Time for some drama – your sim is having a midlife crisis!

A midlife crisis offers a temporary aspiration based on your sim wanting to shake things up and try new things. Each midlife crisis will have a list of desires for your sim, and as you complete them, the length of the midlife crisis will shorted.

Until the midlife crisis is actually over, any completed desire will be replaced with another one.


On a much smaller scale, burnout will happen to your sim if they are pushing too hard on one task or skill. (Gone are the days of having a sim paint/write for 23.5 hours every day.)

A sim experiencing burn out will want to complete other tasks to alleviate their feelings of burnout before returning to the original task.

Workplace Drama

Rivals – Your sims can now have workplace rivals! While your sim has a rival, that means they will not be able to get promoted to the next of their career, as their rival is blocking them in some way.

There are different wants to interact with your rival, such as trying to be friendly, or maybe just trying to sabotage their life before they can ruin yours.

Getting Fired – Company restructuring puts your job at risk! Through this process, you might just find that putting in a little extra bit of work can make all the difference!

If your sim doesn’t make through the restructuring, friends and family may pop in to check on your sim. Maybe this is the time for your sims to pursue their true passions?

The Sims 4: Growing Together – Available March 16th, 2023

It seems like there is going to be a ton of new drama coming to your game! The Infants patch is coming to base game on March 14th, 2023. Following shortly after, The Sims 4: Growing Together will be available on March 16th, 2023.

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