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Get that Look – The Clean Girl Trend

It’s time for another Get That Look! We are looking at a current IRL trend and seeing how to get this look into your Sims game.  The trend I have selected today is the Clean Girl Trend.  This look is taking social media, magazines, and everything by storm and, in some cases, can be controversial.  I am removing any elements of the controversiality and making it in a manner that can be used by any Sim and for everyone!   So we will break down the fundamentals of the look in this Get That Look.

CC Links – Hair, Accessory Jacket, Outfit, & Earrings

Why Is This Trending?

This trend of looking effortlessly polished with apparently putting lots of effort in has been all over the internet.  I cannot look at my Tik Tok or Pinterest without seeing something about the Clean Girl Trend!  So why is it trending? From my research, the push for self-care, skincare, celebrities, and influencers.   It would seem as if trends are going more to natural beauty, and in the most basic state of this trend, that can be the result; just some folks with anything take things to the extreme.

CC Links – Hair, Outfit, & Nails

How To Get This Look

This look has been frequently called the off-duty model style, so with that being said, you can understand why it could be a little controversial.  However, I believe anyone can achieve this look with the basic fundamentals.  So we will see what we can do with our sample of randomly generated Sims!

CC Links – Hair, Top, Lip Gloss, Necklace, & Earrings

Step 1 – Hair

The Clean Girl Trend is all about a nice and sleek look.  If the hair is up, not one is out of place.  Generally, with this look, hairstyles are either neat buns, braids, ponytails, or perfectly smooth, shiny, straight hairstyles.   Pretty much the smoother and more polished, the better.  No fuzz, nothing out of place… as close to perfect as possible.

CC Links – Hairstyle & Earrings

There are many options here at The Sims Resource, and  Maxis Match or light Alpha CC options worked well for this style.  These types of CC and the Clean Girl Trend seem to work well together, mainly for the neatness and smoothness of the hairstyles.  I also found some full-on Alpha CC hairstyles that meet this trend.  You need a good mix to download, right?

Step 2 – Makeup

For this trend, the no makeup or natural skin look is vital.  Aside from rosy glows, highlights, and blemish coverage, there is no obvious makeup.  Blush & highlight are crucial factors in this look to bring out the natural highlights and tones of the face.  Natural lip gloss is also a big part of the Clean Girl Trend; the shinier, the better.  Perfect eyebrows are a component of this style, which is very aesthetically pleasing; as we all know, I am big on well-shaped and styled eyebrows.

CC Links – Hairstyle, Blush, Eyelashes, Eyeliner, Eyeshadow, & Lip gloss

CC-wise, I found many choices to download for this look, especially in the lip gloss category.  I am talking tons and tons of lip glosses to select from!  To my surprise, many natural-looking blushes also perfectly fit the Clean Girl Trend. I even found a lip gloss overlay that can be added over lipsticks making ANY lipstick glossy!

Step 3 – Accessories

Accessories are no exception to the sleek, simplistic rule of the Clean Girl Trend.  Neutral colors are a big part of this look, and minimal jewelry (typically in gold) is quite a standard accessory.  Accessories are never over, and often, preppy and sporty are mixed with dressing things down a bit more to make them appear more effortless… or maybe it is natural effortlessness.  This trend is more challenging to match, perhaps because I am just extra LOL.

CC Links – Skin Details, Earrings & Necklace

Statement pieces are not really a thing for accessories in what I am seeing of the Clean Girl Trend. I have seen shoes or purses used as light statement pieces in this fashion.  If they are used in this fashion, they are only somewhat bright and large from what I see.  For example, I have seen outfits like the first image in this blog paired with an orange or green clutch.

Step 4 – Clothing

Although this all seems like it is taking a lot of thought and preparation, the outfits and clothing of the Clean Girl Trend should look as if everything is paired quickly but perfectly.  The dress should seem effortless, basic, modern, and classic.  So effortlessly polished??? Sounds tricky, but really it is not.

CC Links – Blazer Dress, Black Shoes, Sweater Dress, Beige Shoes, Blue Top, Bottoms, & Shoes

When I saw this trend, I immediately thought of the nautical sailing looks, without the blues and prints.  Turns out that would work as basics; blazers, well-fitted jeans, button-up shirts, and slip dresses are all approved in this trend.  The goal here is polished, effortless, sophisticated, and simplistic looks.

Step 5 – Skin

The Clean Girl Trend gets negative feedback regarding skin, and  I am making this blog for everyone and breaking it down into the fundamentals of the look.  For skin, the key is hydrating and giving a natural smooth look.  Much of IRL comes down to skincare and working with what you have.  Of course, for Sims… we got CC for that!

CC Links – Skin & Skin Details

The main takeaway from the skin and self-care element is taking care of what you have and keeping your hygiene at its highest level. There are tons of skin overlays and facial details for download to add unique features and create a look for this trend.


I did a lot of research to figure out how to do these looks, as I needed to get more familiar with this style.  The Clean Girl Trend resembles a minimalistic aesthetic with more polished elements.  Although there are relaxed elements of the look, and it is to look effortless, the sleek overall look is still purposeful.  I enjoy the importance of skincare and the upkeep of hygiene, an essential element of self-care.  However, although it seems effortless, it does not sound that way to me!

The only element of this trend I disagree with is several articles I found trying to limit who could wear this trend.  I disagree with this; if someone is inspired by fashion or an aesthetic, they should try it out and use what they are inspired by to dress how they would like to. Especially with Sims! You style your Sims how you wish! Hopefully this blog gives you more ideas on styles and more CC to download!

Keep up with more Sims stuff and what I’m up to at @TSR Jezi.

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