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Gossip Girl Inspired Lookbook

Welcome back to The Sims Resource! Today we’re doing a Gossip Girl inspired lookbook to honor the legendary teen series. After all, who can resist some juicy drama? Especially if you can create your own in The Sims 😉

Blair Waldorf

Sim created by Stycesweeky on the gallery.

Hair Headband Lipstick Blush Jacket
Nails Heels Lashes Eyebrows Skirt

Queen bee Blair Waldorf is one of the most iconic teen TV characters of all time. While she’s definitely not the nicest character, or anywhere near that (Blair is one of the meanest tbh), she’s legendary for being a deeply complex character despite it all. You sort of root for Blair even when you know what she’s doing is wrong–unless you’re rooting for her downfall, which also means you’re rooting for Blair some of the time. She’s very prone to getting so involved in her own schemes she ends up undoing everything she worked so hard for in the first place. But such is life as Blair Waldorf, isn’t it?

I dressed Blair the Sim similarly to how Blair dressed in her Constance era (aka high school), but with a bit more color. Think of this as weekend Blair, or Blair crossed with a pastel aesthetic. I went with a tweed skirt in order to evoke vintage Chanel, which you know Blair would absolutely love. A little pink tweed jacket to match the skirt completes the set. A turtleneck and tights make the outfit very preppy, while heels and a headband are total Blair essentials for every outfit. Only the preppiest and prettiest for someone like Blair Waldorf! She’s an icon for a reason, of course.

Serena van der Woodsen

Necklace Bracelet Mouth Corners Lipstick Eyebrows Heels Top Hair Skintone Eye Color
Mole Nose Mask Contour Eye Contour Skirt Eyeshadow Eyeliner Blush Sim

Golden girl Serena van der Woodsen is a fashion icon. She carried Birkin bags to high school every day, for pete’s sake! She is truly nothing if not a stylish queen. When it comes to her character, Serena can be…a bit harder to root for. Something about how easily a lot of things come to her (boys, parties, friends) makes it hard to relate a lot of the time. But Serena is still a good friend (sometimes) and a good sister (more of the time). I think her relationship with her brother, especially in the first season, is one of her most redeeming and root-able qualities. Go, van der Woodsens!

For Sim Serena, I put her in one of the many casual outfits that Serena would wear around the city, meeting with Blair for lunch or going shopping. I started with a flouncy floral mini-skirt. Serena wore a lot of patterned skirts throughout the show’s run in pretty much every silhouette, from A-line to ruffled, though almost all of them were mini skirts (pretty surprising given the popularity of the boho chic movement of the era when the show aired). I added a partially sheer tank top, since many of Serena’s tops had mesh or open panels, and then completed the look with some strappy heels and the classic loose curls Serena rocked during the day-to-day. Say what you want about Serena, but she’s always had great style.

Jenny Humphrey

Sim created by mayaramtv on the gallery.

Hair Eyeshadow Shoes
Lipstick Eyebrows Top
Lashes Skirt Nails

Little J is a character we watch grow up over the course of the seasons she’s a regular for (the best seasons of the show imo). I personally really like watching Jenny, though I don’t know if I like her as a person all that much (though most of the Gossip Girl characters are sort of meant to be unlikable as characters, I suppose). She’s a total sweetheart when the show begins, but she goes through a lot from season to season. The outfit I created is an ode to her queen bee era during season three, when she even has her own minions like Blair used to. My favorite part is that the minions match their outfits to their queen bees–Blair’s minions are preppy and put-together, while Jenny’s are grunge-style. Jenny wears a long-sleeve black dress with a cropped sweater vest over it. She wears dark eyeshadow (her favorite) and wears her hair in its typical long, loose waves.

Lily van der Woodsen

Sim created by omasagtne on the gallery.

Hair Lipstick Dress
Heels Eyeshadow Lashes

I’ll say it. Lily is my problematic fave from this show. She makes awful decisions when it comes to her love life, and her kids, an awful lot…but I still want the absolute best for her at the end of the day. Maybe it’s because Lily raised two amazing kids, maybe it’s because she’s got great taste in clothes and home decor, or maybe it’s just because I love seeing all the purses she carries around in every scene (hint: it’s probably all of them).

Lily makes the adult storylines on Gossip Girl worth watching, fight me (I don’t know of anyone who would be that passionate about the adult storylines on Gossip Girl though. They’re not the reason we all decided to watch, and re-watch, and re-watch again…). Lily is much like her daughter, including why they’re so interesting to watch–they’re like walking sources of drama, but even when they’re creating their own issues, you just sort of root for them to make it through even better than before.

Lily and Rufus is probably my favorite love story on the entire show, so sorry to the other shippers in the fandom. I think they have more chemistry than anyone else! Plus, star crossed lovers reuniting? That’s my favorite romantic trope ever. So much angst! Such a complicated past to work through! Mix that in with the drama going on with all the teens of the main cast, and you have the insanely compelling drama of Gossip Girl season one (aka the best season, in my opinion). In relation to Lily, an honorable mention to Eric, my favorite character on the entire show. He always tells it like it is.

XOXO, thanks for checking out the Gossip Girl inspired lookbook! If you liked this blog, check out Room Reno #79: Ye Medieval or our Gilmore Girls inspired lookbook. Looking for something else? Read about all the best Vanilla Girl CC or check out our Emily in Paris inspired lookbook! Have a great day 😎

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