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Types of Simmers

The one incredible thing about The Sims 4 is the many differnt ways you can play.  Because of this varying range of playability… players seem to fall into specific categories or types of Simmers.  Some Simmers like to build, whereas others will play challenges.  Here is a list of some of the types of Simmers I see.  Hopefully, you see a new style of Simming you would like to try or you get a little giggle.  As this is supposed to be all in good fun and informative.

Gameplay Types of Simmers

The Casual Simmer

The casual player Simmer plays for a little bit here and there to unwind.  This type of Simmer may not play for months, but will always come back to the game eventually.

The Dedicated Simmer

This type of Simmer is a dedicated Sims fan.  They probably do not play a lot of other games as they live and breathe Sims.  These Simmers commit to their game saves and have generations upon generations of Sims!

The Roaming Simmer

The Roaming Simmer cannot commit to just one Sim household in their world.  They want to play ALL their Sim households, every single one of them!

The Base game Simmer

A Base Game Simmer will only have the base game, they do not usually buy additional packs or content.  They generally only play with Maxis Match CC, if they play with CC at all.

The Discount Simmer

The Discount Simmer will only purchase packs and kits when these items are on sale.  These Simmers refuse to pay full price and will wait a long duration of time for specific packs to go on sale.

The Collector

“Got to collect them all…” No matter the cost this Simmer will buy the packs and kits the moment they are ready to be purchased or prepurchased.  They must have ALL the content!

The Retro Simmer

This Simmer still actively plays older versions of The Sims.  They probably have the original Sims and The Sims 2 at the very least.  They enjoy the nostalgia value of the Sims games and actively play the older versions.

The Fantasy Simmer

The Fantasy Simmer creates Sims and lots based on characters or other elements that are not IRL.  They take this inspiration to make their worlds completely separate from their day-to-day life.  Even if they have a Sim Self, this Sim will have a completely different lifestyle than their IRL self.

The IRL Mirror Simmer

Simmers in this type try to mirror their everyday life in The Sims.  These Simmers will create their selves, friends, and family in their game and try to keep it as accurate as possible.

The Controlling Simmer

These Simmers turn off autonomy and control every single detail of their Sims’ existence.  There is no free will, only the Simmer’s will.

Creative Types

Sim from the Short Hairstyles Blog found HERE

The Builder

This type of Simmer builds and builds.  Building in their game is the primary source of their Simming entertainment.  They may or may not share their builds… but you can bet a Builder Simmer is going to have some incredible designs.

The Interior Designer

The Interior Designer will at least decorate their active Sims’ houses… at least.  They may not be able to help themselves and may even have the Dream Home Decorator pack or just go around fixing ALL the Sims’ houses to fit their standard of design.

The Fashionista

Can anyone say MAKEOVERRRR!!! This type of Simmer will hardly ever leave Create A Sim (CAS).  They are also most likely hoarding CC that they *might use.  The Fashionista will makeover Sims… and generally cannot stand to let their townies look basic, they must have makeovers!!

The Model Designer

The Model Designer Simmers will also spend a good amount of time in CAS… and then when the Sim is perfect leave the Sim on an abandoned lot never to be used again. LOL… kinda kidding. They may take a few photos of them or upload the Sim.

The StoryTeller

Storytellers generally have social media accounts, blogs, or youtube channels that they will share their Sims’ stories with.  These Simmers get super creative and detailed in their storylines and are very invested in their Sims.

The Simstigrammer

This type of Simmer also generally has social media accounts, and they will share images of their Sims.  Sometimes it is images just for the sake of a lovely image, and others it will be tied to a story.

The Modder/CC Creator

Of course, there are also Modders and CC Creators within the types of Simmers.  I was surprised how little many CC Creators spend actually playing the game.  But again… do what you enjoy and we all for sure enjoy the additions to our games!

Challenge Types

Toddler Sim CC found HERE

The Challenge Simmer

A Challenge Simmer is a type of Simmer that plays or creates challenges to give more gameplay options to the game.  If you need a list of challenges you can check out Paige’s Top Ten Challenge Blog HERE. 

The Generation Simmer

The Generation Simmer challenges themselves to continue a Sim family for generations… and generations and actually play through the generations… I have tried this and made it two generations… LOL

Hardcore Simmers

This is something I could never be… Hardcore Simmers do not use cheats. NO CHEATS whatsoever.  Not even one Motherlode… not one. AND they do not use mods.

The World Designer

I put the World Designer type of Simmer in the Challenge category as I feel like this is one of the toughest things I can think of when playing the Sims… rebuilding entire worlds in your game save… yea you read that right… EVERYTHING… all of it, rebuilt.

Other Types Of Simmers

The Cupid Simmer

This is a fun Simmer type for me, the Cupid Simmer… because every Sim deserves to meet that special Sim… and I mean EVERY single Sim.  You have to be careful and pace yourself with this one… as if not you will end up with TONS of toddler Sims all at the same time!

The Chaos Simmer

This type of Simmer plays for one thing… Chaos… destruction… death.  These are the Simmers who like to watch their worlds burn, while their Sims panic and try to flee.  They are the ones that build walls around swimming pools, remove fire alarms, and well… yes chaos for chaos.  But it can be great fun!


Sim CC and Youtube Video found HERE

Of course, there are so many more ways to play The Sims and you can most definitely fall into multiple types of Simmers.  I vary from time to time but mostly fall under the Fashionista or Model Creator types of Simmers.  Rarely do I play the game and if I do it is a quick spot of Chaos and then onto Cupid.  I will be starting to play challenges, that is something I have never tried to do and it does sound fun.  I have tried the generation challenge a few times, but I generally only make it one or two generations. Whoops… LOL…

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