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CC Find – Sim Short Hairstyles

One of the positives to playing a game that is eight years old is that the CC options are AMAZING!  With the Sims 4 in particular there is a lot of CC that mimics real-life trends.  Short hair is trending right now all over Pinterest and social media platforms.  So you are going to want some of the hottest short hairstyle CC for your Sims! Finding Sim short hairstyles can be a little bit tricky so let me help you out with these twelve hairstyles that I found here on The Sims Resource!

Short Hair Trend IRL

It is no mystery why short hairstyles are a current trend.  This is generally an annual trend as in half of the world the weather is warming up!  Which of course would be the half of the world I am currently in.  Because of the push for Spring and Summer, shorter hair is becoming more popular.  Now by no means does this mean I am rushing out to get my hair chopped off.  No no no I am a long hair person…. but short hairstyles for my Sims… absolutely.

Short Hairstyles In The Sims

I went through loads of Sim short hairstyles here at The Sims Resource and picked twelve to highlight that I felt were trendy and fun!  Of course, there are tons more here to download so this is just a small sample.

S-Club – Short Curly Hairstyle

The Short Curly Hairstyle is another beautiful hairstyle from S-Club!  The Short Curly Hairstyle is exactly what it says in the title! But it is also super cute and fun!  This trendy naturally wavy hairstyle comes in thirty swatches and like most of S-Club’s work is hat compatible!

Mazero5 – Layla Hair

The Layla Hair by Mazero5 has some lovely bold swatches… fifteen to be exact.  Each of these swatches has a bright beautiful color.  I selected teal, because why not!  Teal is a lovely bright color and is not something I typically do… I fell in love with this swatch so had to use this hair to show it off!

Nords – Retro Reboot Donna Hair

If you are into Maxis Match CC The Retro Reboot – Donna Bob by Nords is a must!  This lovely bob was inspired by one of Sylvie Vartan’s hairstyles and was part of the Retro Reboot Collab.  There are twenty-four swatches available and the hairstyle is hat compatible!

Leah Lillith Zehra Hairstyle

Want lots of color options and braids all in a fun short hairstyle? Well, Leah Lilith has you covered with the Zehra Hairstyle! This lovely high-quality hairstyle comes in a variety of blondes, browns, black, and red hair colors as well as fifteen unnatural hair colors.

Anto – Angelina Hair

The Angelina Hair by Anto has just such a lovely wave to the hairstyle.  This Sim short hairstyle is fun, free, and looks amazing! This hairstyle comes in twenty different swatches to select from.

Wingssims – Lovely Short Hair

Want something with a bit of a natural wave to your Sim’s short hairstyle? Try out the Lovely Short Hair by Wingssims.  This short wavey bob has thirty-six swatches and plenty of trendy colors among the selections!

S-Club – Bob Hair (Nana)

The Bob Hair (Nana) by S-Club is another beautifully bright hairstyle that is perfect for your Sims who need colorful hair.  There are a total of thirty different swatches to this hairstyle, some are two-toned, and some are one shade.  The style is also hat compatible for your hat-loving Sims!

Shimydim – Giulietta Hairstyle

Want a ton of color options with a super fun short hairstyle for your Sims?  Yes, you are reading this correctly eight-four color swatches… thirty-four being unnatural hair colors. Check out Shimydim’s Giulietta Hairstyle! This hair was inspired by Giulietta Masina’s hairstyle in the movie “Juliet of the Spirits.”

Java Sims – Keto Hairstyle

Thirty-Three colors you say? Why yes I’d love a bob for my Sims with that many swatches! This lovely Teen-Elder hairstyle is hat compatible and is super trendy and smooth!  Perfect for all your Sim short hairstyle needs!

S-Club Ada Hair

This hairstyle was inspired by the Resident Evil Character Ada.  This is probably my favorite Sim short hairstyle.  It is super detailed and I love an a-line bob, as I use to rock one… and I am a huge Resident Evil fan!  So naturally, I love this hairstyle! The hairstyle itself also comes in seventeen color swatches.

Sehablasimlish  – Romina Hairstyle

This lovely hairstyle with accessories by Sehablasimlish is a super fun Maxis Match hairstyle for your child Sims.  The hairstyle is hat compatible and has recolorable clips to match!  The hairstyle also has fifteen different swatches to choose from!

Sonya Sims – Allison Hair for Kids

A nice modern bob for your trendy kidos! Sonya Sims has most definitely outdone themselves with this hair and with the color slider option there is almost an unlimited number of possible colors to select from. The hairstyle is also hat and HQ compatible!


I hope you find some great options for your Sims with these twelve Sim short hairstyles.  Of course, there are LOADS more options here at The Sims Resource.  I downloaded three… yes three baskets of short hair… I have CC hoarding issues.

Keep up with more Sims stuff and what I’m up to at @TSR Jezi

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